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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney breaks police rules after shooting drama


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Rose Delaney from Home and Away takes a significant professional risk.

Following the latest gunshot drama, Rose breaks police protocol in an effort to defend Cash Newman.

After being shot while on duty, Cash awakens in upcoming episodes of Channel 5.


Although physically Cash is recovering well, his mental health is becoming a problem as he battles remorse after learning that he killed Marty.

Due to his inability to recall all the specifics of what transpired that day, Cash resolves to find out what happened.

Cash insists on leaving as part of his goal, which worries new doctor Bree Cameron.

When the emotional policeman struggles to open the door to his hospital room, Bree’s assessment that Cash isn’t yet strong enough is confirmed.


Instead, Cash asks his sister Felicity for assistance, giving the impression that he might be having a mental breakdown.

On behalf of her brother, Felicity bursts over to Rose’s apartment and demands information about the incident after deciding that she must find a way to assist Cash.

Rose says that she is unable to share any formal information because there is still an open inquiry into the shooting.

Felicity dismisses this and urges Rose to put Cash’s needs first. Additionally, she keeps blaming Rose for how the police operation originally went horribly wrong, making her feel guilty.


Rose breaks police protocol by bringing Cash the official police file into the shooting after taking Felicity’s advice.

According to the file, Cash was shot by biker gang boss Marty first, prompting him to strike back in self-defense.

Although this absolves Cash of all guilt, Felicity and Rose are happy about it while the policeman still appears dejected.

Do Cash’s problems still bother him? And would Rose ever look back on breaking the law to assist him?

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