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Home And Away Justin star’s life – lookalike daughter, co-star splits and lavish wedding


James Stewart, who plays Justin Morgan on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, has already seen plenty of drama in his role as Justin Morgan, but his life away from the screen might be a show in and of itself.

Since joining the cast of the renowned Seven Network series in 2016, the gorgeous actor, 46, has played troubled mechanic Justin.

His character has already seen a slew of tense television moments, including sparring with Martin Ashford (George Mason), saving Alf Stewart’s life (Ray Meagher), and getting shot at by corrupt cop Ranae Turner (Sacha Horler).

Justin is known as a “trouble magnet,” and he is fiercely protective of his Morgan family, who have been through a slew of traumatic events, including the death of his parents, being held hostage, and even a plane disaster.


However, spoilers for the episode hint that Justin is about to be in grave danger, as he is hospitalised with seizures after being beaten up by Dimitri (Salvatore Coco).

With Justin’s life on the line, the Daily Star has delved into the private lives of James, a soap star.

Jessica Marais – Co-star romances

Falling in love with your co-stars is a regular occurrence in the soap industry, and James and his co-star Jessica Marais were no exception.

On the set of Packed To The Rafters, where they played on-screen lovers Jake Barton and Rachel Rafter, James and Jessica fell in love.


In October 2010, they announced their engagement, and in May 2012, they had their daughter Scout Edie Stewart.

Unfortunately, their soap spark did not last, and they announced in 2015 that they had “amicably separated.”

“Our relationship didn’t work out because I think hearts move in separate places eventually,” James told Sunday Life.

Daughter who resembles

Scout, James’s lookalike daughter, is shared by James and his ex-fiancée Jessica.


On social media, the actor occasionally posts a rare snapshot of his daughter, such as on a family day out in Melbourne.

The father-daughter duo has a striking resemblance, and they appear to enjoy each other’s company.

James has opened up about how he and Jessica co-parent their kid.

“It’s called parenting couple, that’s the professional word for it,” he told New Idea.

“It takes a little bit of patience and a really huge heart,” the actor remarked. Everything becomes simple once you realise it’s all about Scout.”

For Scout’s sake, the Home and Away actor revealed that he and Jessica had maintained their dignity despite their public breakup.


Isabella Giovinazzo’s – Co-star romances

Between 2016 and 2017, James was rumoured to be dating his Home and Away co-star Isabella Giovinazzo.

They met on the Australian soap and discovered chemistry as their characters grew involved with one another.

The couple was seen looking infatuated in shops, but they are said to have broken up in October 2017.

Luxury weddings and finding love

When his future wife Sarah Roberts joined the set as Willow in 2017, James was already a recognisable face on Home and Away.

Sarah met James for the first time during a chemistry test for the part she was auditioning for.

Sarah straddled her soon-to-be-husband on a chair during their first meeting, which was pretty heated.

“Jimmy was tied to the chair, so I just strutted in, straddled him, and started the performance,” she explained. “I guess the rest is history,” says the narrator.

In July 2019, the pair married in a fantasy castle wedding surrounded by their loved ones.

Sarah described her wedding day as a “dream come true,” according to Now To Love.

“It was very unique.” We married in a castle, which I consider to be a dream come true.

“And we were surrounded by all of our closest friends and relatives, so I don’t believe I could have asked for anything more.”

Scout, James’s daughter, said she had as much fun during the wedding as they did.

“She adored it,” he added. She met her new relatives, applied cosmetics, and dressed up in a lovely gown. Some of the pictures I’ve seen of her are quite unique.”

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