Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Home and Away introduces schemer Sienna Blake as Nikau Parata starts a new job

On UK television next week, Home and Away welcomes Sienna Blake, a scheming new character.

In upcoming scenes, Rose Riley has been cast as the newcomer who will serve as Nikau Parata’s modelling agency. (She does, after all, have the same name as a certain Hollyoaks character who is notorious for scheming.)

Nikau’s new plot starts when he learns that a modelling agency wants to contract him after meeting him at a city event.

When Nikau first meets Sienna, he intends to decline her offer. Sienna, on the other hand, manages to sweeten the deal by agreeing to provide Nikau’s girlfriend Bella Nixon with a photographic internship with a top professional.

Even though Nikau isn’t completely at ease in the modelling industry, he recognises that this may be a fantastic chance for both him and Bella.

Nikau is welcomed to the agency in the city after signing up to pose for several portfolio photographs.

Nikau is having trouble acting natural in front of the camera, and Sienna isn’t happy with the results.

Nikau rushes out of the photograph when everything becomes too much for him, and he considers quitting before the new chance has even begun.

Bella persuades Nikau to change his mind and saves the day by guiding him for the rest of the session.

Nikau calms down thanks to Bella’s help, and Sienna is finally delighted with the photos.

Nikau returns home that evening and is rewarded for his efforts with a basket of sweets from the agency, which includes a bottle of costly champagne.

Nikau learns that he has already been hired for his first job, which bodes well for his future.

While everything appears to be running smoothly, Sienna’s ruthlessness in managing Nikau’s career will be revealed in the coming weeks. Has Nikau made a bargain with the devil without realising it?

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