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Home and Away horror for Ziggy and Remi in 26 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning September 19

Monday, September 19: Ziggy helps Remi out.
She drives him for two hours to check over a possible new van for Lyrik.

Monday, September 19: Lyrik faces serious risks.
They have been without a car to transport their equipment to shows ever since Bob departed the band.

On September 19th, Ziggy and Remi encounter Carl, the vendor.
Ziggy takes the initiative since she wants to make sure the van is in good shape.


September 19th, Monday: Ziggy seemed to like what she sees
Carl offers going for a test drive in the car.

On Monday, September 19, Ziggy and Remi express optimism
Finding a suitable vehicle within Lyrik’s strict pricing range seems to have defied the odds.

On September 19th, Ziggy will continue her examination.
Remi is aware that he can trust Ziggy’s judgement.

On September 19th, Remi continues to converse with the vendor.
Ziggy briefly becomes preoccupied.


On September 19th, Ziggy missed multiple calls.
Dean is curious about her location.

Monday, September 19: Dean wasn’t aware of Ziggy’s plans for the day.
Because Dean despises Remi, she was aware that he wouldn’t be pleased.

September 19: Ziggy muses over the unanswered calls.
Theo also makes contact since he needs Ziggy to look over his TAFE work, in addition to Dean.

September 19: Carl might not be who he claims to be.
Is everything being said true?


Remi and Ziggy enter for the test drive on September 19th.
Ziggy’s automobile is left behind.

Ziggy and Remi’s day goes south on Monday, September 19.
After exchanging money, they learn that the van is broken.

On September 19, Carl swears to make things right.
He guides Remi and Ziggy into a trap.

September 19th, Monday: Carl locks the shed door.

Remi and Ziggy discover they’ve been confined indoors on September 19th.
Carl duped the group.

Remi and Ziggy try to protest on September 19
But it serves no use when Carl is the only person present.


On September 19th, Remi and Ziggy hear Carl saying something.
Ziggy’s automobile is driven off by Carl.

On Monday, September 19, Carl’s strategy is revealed.
The cash Remi gave the bad guy for the van is also in his possession.

On September 19th, Remi and Ziggy are worried about the worst.
Nobody knows where they are, and they are stranded without access to food or water.

Wednesday, September 21: The locals are adjusting to unexpected news.
In connection with the arrests of the biker gang, Nikau and Tane are featured on the front page of the local newspaper.

Wednesday, September 21: John feels upset with the circumstance.
The bad press coverage puts Nikau’s lifeguard position in jeopardy.

Wednesday, September 21: Rose worries about the circumstance.
She is aware that Tane and Nikau must remain silent regarding their undercover activities.

Wednesday, September 21: John complains about something.
He wants Nikau to keep his job.

Wednesday, September 21: John is yelled at by Rose.
She commands him to refrain from passing judgement on others.

Wednesday, September 21: Rose’s remarks might raise questions.
When more becomes apparent, will John, Irene, and Marilyn realise it?

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