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Home and Away to air major update on Justin and Leah’s wedding


Watchers of Home and Away will see a new development in Justin and Leah’s romance.

In scenes that fans in Australia will see next week (those in the UK will have to wait until mid-April), Leah returns to Summer Bay following her receipt of mental health treatment from a specialist.

Reliving the agony of being taken hostage by the cult Vita Nova, Leah broke down and threatened to kill Justin with a knife.

Leah is unsure about Justin’s intentions to be married, even though it appears he is as she heads back to the Bay.


“Leah is still cautious; things need to happen slowly,” TV Week was told by Ada Nicodemou, star of Leah. “What’s to say she won’t snap again?”

Leah makes the decision to seek advice from Valerie, her new acquaintance from the mental health clinic.

Valerie, who recently began dating Theo, Leah’s nephew, exhorts her friend to seize the opportunity to be happy.

The actor Courtney Clarke, who plays Valerie, said, “Val has lived with her own trauma for some time, but found a sense of purpose in wanting to help Leah renavigate life in Summer Bay.”


Leah finds Justin on the beach and tells him she’s ready after hearing Val’s words. She tells her fiancé, “I can’t wait to be your wife!”

The couple announces to their pals that the wedding is back on, kissing each other to mark the occasion. Will their joy last?

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