Saturday, October 1, 2022

Home and Away confirms Mackenzie will be in deep deep trouble in upcoming episodes

Mackenzie Booth’s financial situation has been revealed by Home and Away.

In Wednesday’s Australian programme, Mac confided in her brother Dean Thompson, admitting that the future of Salt is now in jeopardy.

Mac has been waiting for an insurance settlement in the months since last year’s fatal gas explosion at a black tie function at Salt.

Unfortunately, in the most recent episode of the show, Mac received a call from the insurance company, who refused to pay any money.

Mac was informed that her policy did not cover gas attacks, and the decision was final, putting her company in a precarious position.

Salt had been struggling for a while, and the financial losses she incurred as a result of the gas incident were the final straw, Mac later revealed to Dean.

She explained to him: “Dean, this isn’t brain surgery. The figures don’t look so nice if your restaurant is closed more than it is open.

“I’d close the place down and throw people out if I lost the baby or broke up with Ari. I just spent all of my savings.

“I felt I could make it up in a few months; all I needed was a good solid few months,” she says, “but this black-tie event just killed me off.”

Dean advised Mac to seek financial assistance from her boyfriend Logan Bennett, but she refused.

Later this week, Dean will also suggest that Mac call her father for assistance, but she isn’t thrilled on the notion.

Is there any hope for Mac at Salt, or are her days there numbered?

In April, viewers of Home and Away in the United Kingdom will be able to see these moments on Channel 5.

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