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Home and Away’s Levi Fowler accused of being serial cheat in dramatic scenes


In scenes that will premiere in the UK next week, Levi Fowler of Home and Away is going to be subjected to a severe indictment.

After persuading Tane Parata and Mali Hudson to allow them some space, Levi and Mackenzie Booth spend some time alone together in scenes that have already shown in Australia.

Despite their enjoyment of the occasion, Mackenzie soon discovers that Levi and his wife Imogen are still close. Even though she is fully aware that it is an affair, she still feels uneasy.

When his girlfriend Rose Delaney questions him about why he was kicked out of the house, Mali also finds it difficult to conceal his knowledge of the affair. Levi isn’t so sure, but Mackenzie argues to him back at the house that Mali can be trusted to keep it a secret.


Tension arises when Mackenzie tells Mali that he may move out if he isn’t comfortable with the affair after Mali directly asks Levi how many women he is presently sleeping with.

Even though Mali is irritated, he lies to Felicity Newman when she inquires as to why he was expelled.

Mackenzie finally asks Levi where he sees their affair going, but Levi is uneasy with the prospect of being recognised as a person who has multiple women on the go.

Felicity comes and is taken aback to see Levi at the house before he can respond.


Felicity tells Levi’s sister Eden about the run-in, even though they are able to give her a lie. Following their chat, Levi informs Cash Newman that she believes her brother is telling her lies.

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