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Georgie Parker’s touching tribute to co-star Emily Weir is also a poignant reminder to Home And Away fans


We’re used to seeing the Home And Away stars swapping photos, hanging together outside of work, and protecting one another when needed because they’re one of the tightest-knit casts in the business.

Georgia Parker, a stalwart of Summer Bay, has done just that in her newest tribute to co-star Emily Weir.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the newest drama unfolding in the fictional coastal town, here’s what you need to know: Mac, Emily’s character, has been having a difficult time.

Mac found out she was pregnant after being rejected by her boyfriend Ari when his girlfriend showed back in town. She subsequently had a miscarriage, which was distressing and isolating for her, and she has been on a downward spiral ever since.


She’s been behaving out, getting drunk, and even attempting to seduce Tane, Ziggy’s boyfriend.

We can’t say we blame her because A) she’s gone through a lot and B) have you seen Tane, a.k.a. Ethan Browne?

Aside from that tangent, Georgie has moved to Instagram to offer a poignant statement about Emily, reminding fans that the show is just that: a show, and the 29-year-old is not actually Mac.

Georgie began, “Today I got to hang out with the divine, witty, generous, active, hardworking @weir.emily.”


“I know her character Mack is going through a hard patch, but here’s a timely reminder that it’s all in good fun. Our Em is a nice egg.”
Georgie’s lovely message drew praise from fellow Home And Away stars like Ethan, who wrote: “They’re there!! The ideal group.”

“Patrick O’Connor remarked, “She’s the finest,” before Sam Frost added, “We adore you Em, you’re doing an incredible job!!” You should be proud of yourself.”

Emily was equally effusive in her response, saying, “Georgie Parker, please!! I adore you—thank you so much—and any day spent with you is always a dream come true. “

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