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Former Neighbours star Georgie Stone announces worldwide release date for her documentary


“I’m really happy to share this quick documentary,”

Georgie Stone, a former star of Neighbours, has announced the premiere date for her new documentary.

The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone follows Georgie as she fights for the rights of other transgender kids and teenagers in Australia from childhood into adulthood. She has spent eight years producing the documentary.

Georgie, who played Mackenzie Hargreaves in the serial opera, announced on Instagram that the movie will premiere on Netflix on September 22. the trailer is below:


I’m so happy to share this brief documentary on my experiences as a transgender child growing up in Australia, the author stated.

“It’s surreal that it’s finally being released because I’ve been working on it with the wonderful @mayadonna for the past 8 years. Visit for additional details on the movie and how to help our impact campaign “.

“Georgie has so much to teach the world about identity, the vast spectrum of gender, determination, how to love, listen, and the value of accepting one other for who we are,” the film’s director Maya Newell stated previously (via

Georgie successfully lobbied for a change in the rules governing treatment and made history as Australia’s youngest patient to get hormone blockers.


The actress earlier admitted that she skipped the movie’s Tribeca Film Festival debut in order to take part in the recently released final episodes of Neighbours.

“It does conflict with Neighbours’ conclusion. I decided to go with Neighbors when given the choice “She spoke with Digital Spy. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be travelling to New York. It’s a tremendous pity, but how could I not pick Neighbours’ cancellation?

“First of all, I have a legal obligation! Second, even if I weren’t, I would decide to do it since this is a significant historical time. 37 years of legendary Australian folklore are coming to an end.

“I have to take part in that and complete Mackenzie’s story, which has taken up the last three years of my life. I will thus attend!”


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