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Former Bachelor and Neighbours star Tim Robards says he’s leaving ‘soapy’ acting behind and is working on his American accent to crack Hollywood: ‘I’d love to play James Bond!’


Tim Robards of The Bachelor made the transition from reality TV to acting in 2018 when he got a job on Neighbours.

Now, the former reality star is ready to move on from soap operas to a professional acting career in Hollywood.

The 39-year-old admitted to Stellar magazine that he’s recruited a new agency and is working on his American accent in the hopes of making it big in Hollywood.

‘I’ve always wanted to play James Bond. ‘I also admire Christian Bale’s work,’ the aspiring actor added.


‘Neighbours’ is a soap opera, hence it follows a specific format. Everyone is larger than life, so the acting and storylines aren’t always the most realistic, so I’m looking forward to doing things where I can tone it down a little bit and it’s not that soapy.’

Tim rose to stardom after being Australia’s first Bachelor in 2013.

Following that, he appeared on Dancing With The Stars, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and Ninja Warrior Australia.

Anna Heinrich, Tim’s wife, has also had a successful reality TV career, starring alongside him in SAS Australia, Trial by Kyle, and I’m a Celeb.


Tim played Pierce Greyson on Neighbours from 2018 to 2020, when he left the famous serial.

Last year, the chiropractor explained to the Daily Mail Australia why he thinks The Bachelor has had a poor run in recent years.

‘It’s a lot when a show has been on for so many seasons,’ he remarked. ‘I suppose they have to remain new with formats, so that’s always going to be a difficulty with anything like that.’

‘We were the first ones there, so everything was definitely new.’ However, you can see it in all of the different shows. They may take a hiatus for a while, then renew and reintroduce them, or they may add a twist to them.


‘Take a look at Big Brother and The Voice; they tweak them and give them a break every now and then.’ It’s one of those things that can be entertaining and have a love storey thrown in for good measure, but is it what people want?’

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