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Neighbours Final Spoilers – Happy ending or heartbreak for Susan Kennedy?


In the penultimate episode of Neighbours, Susan struggles with the loss of some of her closest friends and tries to stop Izzy from relocating to Erinsborough.

Beginning on Monday, July 25 in the UK, and on Tuesday, July 26, in Australia, these sequences will be broadcast.

Sadly, Susan (Jackie Woodburne). She is receiving bombshell after bombshell as the last episode of Neighbours approaches.

First, Malcolm, her son (Benjamin McNair), revealed to Erinsborough that he and his wife Catherine had separated.


At Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Mel’s (Lucinda Cowden) engagement party, he was vague about what actually happened and appeared tense.

While Susan assumed he felt embarrassed attending an engagement party so soon after his marriage ended, in actuality, he was keeping a very important secret. He had started seeing Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte), Karl’s (Alan Fletcher) ex-wife and the person who was a major factor in the Kennedys’ 18-year marriage disintegrating.

Izzy and Malcolm insisted that Izzy had changed, but Karl and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) weren’t so sure. The shocking news that Mal and Izzy are considering relocating to Erinsborough was revealed this week.

When Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) decides to sell Number 24, things get much worse. Given the interest Izzy and Mal have shown, Susan might end up moving in next door to the person she holds responsible for her and Karl’s divorce.


Despite her best efforts to prevent her sworn enemy from settling in the area, Susan is aware that she was powerless to do so. When Izzy starts using Holly, her child with Karl, as a bargaining chip, things get even more difficult.

How can Susan prevent Karl from seeing his daughter again?

As the final week approaches, Susan refuses to be bullied by Izzy and implements her own strategy.

Unfortunately, Izzy finds out about Susan’s scheme quickly and won’t accept it without a fight.


Izzy encounters Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), a returning visitor who is back in town seeking to purchase Lassiters, in the meantime.

Izzy is drawn to Shane’s wealth like a moth to a flame because of some wise bitcoin investments he made during his years away.

Later in the week, Izzy crosses a line when she runs across Shane again by chance.

Is she as devoted to Malcolm as she professes to be?

Also in the penultimate week, Susan issues Malcolm with a choice or face the consequences and she is devastated when he picks Izzy. Has she made a disastrous mistake in judgment?

When Karl and Susan find out that Izzy has been misbehaving behind Mal’s back, they finally get the break they’ve been yearning for. They get ready to fight Izzy, but her next action catches everyone off guard.


The Kennedys are expected to be one of the few families still living on Ramsay Street as Neighbours comes to an end. A large number of other characters are selling their homes.

Given that Chloe has decided to sell Number 24, Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), with whom Susan has become close due to their friendship with Hendrix (Ben Turland), will also need to find a new place to reside.

Susan starts to feel overwhelmed by the thought that all of her closest friends are going at once when Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Paul (Stefan Dennis), David (Tayaka Honda), Aaron (Matt Wilson), Toadie, and Mel all decide it’s time for a fresh start away from Ramsay Street.

Harold asks Karl and Susan to take care of the new Ramsay Street history book in the final episode. Susan battles with her emotions when her dear neighbors and friends go.

Will the lonely Susan be forced to say goodbye to her ideal mix of neighbors and move a few steps away from the woman who brought her so much sorrow in the penultimate episode?

Or will things turn out well for the Kennedys?

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