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Emmerdale shooting horror and 8 other big soap moments next week


Al is the target of Cain’s terrible vengeance.

Having trouble keeping up with the never-ending stream of soap opera spoilers? Not to worry, Digital Spy selects the biggest and greatest stories that will be seen on your TVs in the upcoming week every Sunday.

  1. Emmerdale: Cain threatens Al with a gun

When Cain hears his sister’s burner phone vibrating and finds a string of texts sent by a mysterious lover, it’s game over for Chas and Al.

When Cain calls the number back to find out who Chas has been sleeping with, Al answers and horrifies him. The mechanic, who is filled with wrath, uses the phone to construct a trap. When Al arrives for what he believes will be a steamy encounter with Chas, he discovers Cain waiting for him with a shotgun.


In a different scene, Chas, who is well aware of her brother Cain’s capabilities, is startled into terror when she learns that Cain has discovered her “other” phone. Cain claims he just used the gun to grab Al’s attention, but despite her anxieties, Al maintains composure under pressure and begins to back away from Cain.

The rivals engage in a bloody struggle as emotions mount, each frantically reaching for the nearest weapon. A shot rings out a little while later, but has one of them been hit?

2. Coronation Street: Hope reveals Sam’s secret

When Tyrone informs Fiz that the John Stape book’s first excerpt has appeared in the Gazette, Fiz’s week takes a nasty turn. Fiz proposes they get in touch with the journalist who collaborated with Phill on the book and set up a meeting because he’s still convinced Phill is behind it.


As soon as the Gazette publishes the second instalment of the scathing exposé, things quickly get worse. Later, Fiz and Tyrone receive a call from Hope’s instructor informing them that Hope has vanished. Sam, who is with Hope when Fiz finds them in Victoria Garden, reveals that Hope was angry because of the foul things her classmates were saying.

Adam acknowledges they might not be able to prevent the tell-all book from being published, which makes Hope’s agony worse. Angered, Nick explains to Fiz that he doesn’t want Hope anywhere near his son. Later, when Tyrone gets home, he discovers Fiz in tears and finds out that Nick has forbidden Sam from visiting Hope.

He comes over to Nick’s apartment in a fit of rage and punches him. Hope turns on Sam and tells Fiz he’s still writing letters to Harvey in prison because their families are at odds and their friendship is in ruins. And indeed, it doesn’t take long for Nick to hear the news again.

  1. Ranveer’s body is discovered on EastEnders

Suki is dealt another crushing blow by Ravi’s revelation that Nina has reported Ranveer missing after she returns home to discover Nish rejoining the family. In anguish, she seeks solace at Eve’s door, and while Kheerat observes from a distance, Stacey unintentionally enters the couple’s private moment.


Later, Suki runs across Nish, and the two of them bond over the death of Jags. However, just as Suki threatens to derail Nina and Ravi’s scheme to take Ranveer’s riches, the police show up with word that a body has been discovered. When Ravi tells Suki and Nish that Ranveer’s body has been found and that the police are treating it as murder, Suki’s blood immediately chills.

She tells Eve and Kheerat that Ranveer has been found dead out of desperation, and Nina worries that she would be implicated with her late husband’s death. Later, Ravi receives a call from the Old Bill asking to speak with him about Ranveer, and Suki also gets one, which Kheerat and Nish overhear.

Suki maintains her composure when being questioned about Ranveer in the police station, but Eve has concerns about her innocence. And Nish’s own misgivings grow when he notices a glimpse between his wife and Eve.

The police then shift the investigation over to Ravi, who is questioned about his interactions with the Panesar family, notably Suki. Should she trust him?

  1. Nadira attacks Peri on Hollyoaks

Nadira requests that Juliet move in with her since she is eager to advance their relationship. However, as the couple anticipate the future, things become awkward when Steph, Peri’s daughter, visits the town and expresses her disapproval of Juliet dating a new person.

When Steph says she doesn’t like her, casting doubt on her future with Juliet, Nadira is devastated. As Peri sobs to Leela about how much she still loves her ex, her thoughts are also on a certain Miss Nightingale.


Leela offers that Peri and Juliet assist her and Donna-Marie in planning a fireworks display to promote the gym as part of a scheme to get the girls back together. But Nadira decides to stake out her area when she notices the ex-couples cuddling up.

Later, Peri receives a lit sparkler from Nadira, who burns herself on it. Leela believes Nadira intentionally set her daughter on fire and gives her an ultimatum; Juliet also wants the truth.

  1. Emmerdale: Home Farm hostage crisis

Billy and Dawn are faced with the possibility of being homeless after learning that their inheritance from Harriet’s estate won’t be enough to keep them in their home.

The couple develops a plan to purchase Woodbine for themselves, but Alex suddenly makes Clemmie his own if he doesn’t get his hands on Harriet’s money. The following day, as the community assembles for the late policewoman’s burial, Kim tempts Alex to her car with the promise of money, and Will then stuffs him into the boot.

Kim and Will bargain for a lower payoff while holding Dawn’s ex captive in the Home Farm stables. They then leave bound and gagged Alex to consider their proposal.

Later, while Kim watches in awe of her husband’s boldness, Will’s temper flares up and he beats Alex into submission.

Summer makes a bargain on Coronation Street, number six.

Aaron needs £10,000 to pay for his dad’s rehab, so Summer offers to let Mike and Esther adopt her child in exchange for receiving the same amount of cash up front.

The pair promises to help the young woman who is pregnant, but Aaron is shocked to learn that Summer is not only still expecting but also intends to offer Mike and Esther their kid in exchange for money.

Summer begins to experience morning sickness and consults Dr. Gaddas for assistance as Aaron tries to process the news. Billy worries that she has relapsed into her eating disorder as she vomits in the sink after being overcome by a wave of sickness.

Will Summer tell her three fathers the truth when she gets home later and finds Billy, Todd, and Paul waiting for a word?

  1. Lola has surgery in EastEnders

After receiving a heartbreaking prognosis, Lola is determined to look ahead and begins making preparations with Lexi for Halloween the following year.

However, Jay is struggling with the reality of the situation, and after a confrontation with Ravi, Ben realises his adopted brother needs help.

In order to free up Jay to be with Lola at the hospital before her operation, Ben, Mitch, and Harvey band together and agree to assist Jay at the funeral home.

Before Lola is escorted to the operating room for her procedure, the pair shares a touching moment while attempting to stay strong for one another. Jay and Billy are still in the hospital, hoping and praying for a successful outcome as Lola’s procedure begins.

  1. Hollyoaks: Ste and Sienna are dealing with a dead body.

Next week, when a startling “accident” leaves a dead man’s body on Ste’s doorstep, things take a sinister turn. Ste enlists Sienna’s assistance in disposing of the dead, drawing on their prior experience.

However, their strategy is quickly jeopardised when an unknown woman shows up asking for the man.

Ste and Sienna later learn that the presumably dead body has vanished, which complicates the matter even further. However, while the two search the woods for the lost individual, they come across some encouraging information.

Home and Away 9. Heather aims for John

When Heather says she knows about John and Marilyn adopting Jett, red flags start to fly for him. Irene tells John to stay far away from the newcomer’s great interest in Marilyn’s life when John confides in his concerns to her.

But John simply can’t get rid of the uneasy sensation, so he conducts an online search for “Heather Frazer” and is promptly busted by Heather. Heather makes a disturbance in the restaurant after becoming upset by his probing, and she then threatens Marilyn with leaving Summer Bay.

John cautions Nikau to be cautious of Heather as Marilyn tries to calm down her daughter. When John later finds out that his car’s tyres have been cut, it seems he has every cause to remain on guard.

He charges Heather with vandalism out of the blue, but Nikau questions whether Marilyn is really to blame considering her recent unpredictable behaviour.

After that, Heather is compelled to confess to Nikau that she is Marilyn’s long-lost kid. While he vows to keep her identity a secret, he disapproves of the way Marilyn handled the whole thing.

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