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Dedicated to his craft! Cameron Daddo, 57, hopes to still be acting when he’s 90: ‘I love it so much’


His acting, presenting, and cinematic jobs have all continued to grow in his career.

Cameron Daddo, 57, told Health Hacker of The Daily Telegraph on Sunday that retirement is the last thing on his mind.

‘I’ve always felt the need to stay physically strong in order to do my work as an actor, and I aim to be one of those actors who keeps acting until they’re 90,’ he said.

Cameron, who has been on Home and Away and has worked in Hollywood for over two decades, has also shared his health and fitness philosophy.


‘It’s critical to keep the mind sharp and eat brain-healthy foods,’ he stated.

‘I eat in moderation and keep track of what I consume. I enjoy fish and chips, fried foods, hamburgers, and pizza, but only in moderation.’

Cameron has always been open about his profession as an actor, revealing that he had to restart his career after returning to Australia in 2017.

‘I’d rather not have to start again, but I understand why I had to because decades have passed since I left,’ he told The Daily Telegraph in 2020.


‘We were gone for 25 years, so a lot of people don’t know who I am,’ he continued.

‘And there are a lot of people who remember me, but I look different now that I’m 25 years older.’ I am distinct. ‘I’m now 50 years old.’

Cameron made a surprise new step in his career the following year, when he joined the cast of the long-running soap Home and Away in the role of Evan Slater.

Cameron also pondered on his three-year return to Australia with his wife, Alison Brahe, and their three children in 2020.


The actor stated that when he pushes outside of his comfort zone, he finds “the deepest sensations of love.” He shared a black and white snapshot of his family on Instagram.

‘We’d recovered from bidding farewell to our family and friends in the United States three years ago on this day,’ Cameron said in the caption.

‘We’d had a tumultuous stopover in Fiji, complete with hospital drips, tsunami warnings, and food poisoning. We’d picked up Dobby [their dog] from quarantine, loaded the car and trailer, and headed to Oz.’

Cameron went on to say that accepting change has made him nicer and more grateful.

‘The more I experience in life, the more I am reminded of how I seek for places where I may be comfortable, yet it is in the situations where I am most uncomfortable that I find the deepest feelings of love, generosity, and thankfulness,’ he wrote.

Cameron and Alison have three children: Lotus, 26, and Bodhi Faith, 16, and son River, 22. They married in 1991 and have three children.


Cameron scored small roles in shows like Models Inc. and The Mentalist after the pair moved to Los Angeles in 1992.

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