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Deadly explosions, love triangles and fertility woes: Tori Morgan’s most defining Home and Away moments throughout the years


Tori may have left Summer Bay, but she will never be forgotten by Home and Away fans.

When Penny McNamee’s character Tori Morgan first appeared on TV in 2016, she quickly won over fans of Home and Away.

The imaginary character has experienced numerous major events in Summer Bay over the course of five years. Tori has really seen it all, including a fatal explosion, difficulties conceiving, a coma, and more love triangles than we can count.

After marrying Christian Green (Ditch Davey) last month, the doctor finally achieved her happily ever after. The two then made the decision to leave the Bay and move to London in search of fresh career chances.

To honour one of the greatest characters in Home and Away history, we’ve compiled a list of Tori’s most pivotal and life-altering Summer Bay experiences.


Tori first became acquainted with the Bay in 2016 during the narrative of the caravan park explosion.

A petrol bottle was tipped over and caught fire while the doctor was attending a fundraiser for the nearby hospital at Summer Bay Caravan Park.

Tori began tending to injured locals right away.

Regarding her character’s response, Penny commented, “She just goes into doctor mode when she sees all these people who need help.”


Tori was faced with the challenging duty of informing Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) that her damaged arm required an amputation while she was back at the hospital.

Tori finds that she feels “at peace” in the Bay and chooses to relocate there after tending to the blast victims.

She makes the decision to have a child through infertility treatment in 2018. The plot started when Tori started to suspect she might be pregnant, not long after Ash left.

“Tori has always been open about her desire to become a mother. In the end, she supposed, she would find someone and they would raise a family together. But she hasn’t been able to find a committed relationship thus far, so she has only recently begun to think about IVF,” Penny remarked of her character’s choice.

Tori wants Robbo (Jake Ryan) to be the father of her child after finding out that the fertility clinic has a lengthy waiting list for donor sperm.


Tori’s request “stunned” Robbo, who finds his relationship with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) even more problematic.

Tori offers Robbo the option to back out, but he follows through.

Despite being devastated by her miscarriage, Tori is eager to try again as soon as possible.

After several weeks in a coma, Tori finally gets to see her little daughter, Grace.

After the baby was born, the new mother fainted due to a stroke.

Tori was brought Grace by Robbo, but as soon as she held the infant, she was restless. She insisted that Justin take the baby away, claiming it was not hers.

Penny already explained Tori’s distress to TV WEEK. Grace will only be six weeks old when she gets to see this little newborn, despite her expectations.

Following the death of Grace’s father, Robbo, in a horrific car accident, Tori balances her career as a doctor with raising Grace by herself.


Tori was entangled in a romantic triangle with Nate Cooper and Duncan Stewart (pictured).

“Tori can’t ignore her feelings, but she is still cautious with Nate. When discussing her character’s situation, Penny noted, “She has this natural chemistry she tries to avoid, but can’t.”

Ultimately, she declines Nate because she believes Duncan deserves a chance.

After a while, Tori and Duncan split up, which allows Tori to confront her suppressed love for Nate.

The two end up having sex when they become locked in a hospital lift together.

When Tori and Nate make the decision to take their relationship more seriously, they first decide to keep it a secret.

Following her breakup with Nate, Tori begins dating George Mason’s Martin “Ash” Ashford.

“Now it’s Tori’s turn, every girl has a crush on a bad boy at some point!” stated Penny.

Since their initial amorous encounter, reports concerning Tori and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) have been circulating through the hospital corridors.

After locking lips, the couple realises their actions are improper and pulls away, with Tori leaving before anyone can see.

“Tori has always followed the rules; it’s who she is. So she wants to jump without considering the repercussions,” Penny had earlier disclosed of Tori’s impromptu kiss.

As their relationship grew more serious and Christian moved permanently to Summer Bay, Tori’s love life really took off.

It would be an understatement to say that Christian (Ditch Davey) and Tori (Penny McNamee) have had a turbulent relationship.

During a romantic stroll down the pier earlier this year, Christian unexpectedly declared his love for Tori and proposed marriage.

Who could forget the awkward moment when Christian was groping for a lift button when Tori planted a kiss on him?

Who doesn’t enjoy a tale about a wedding? It’s the ideal farewell for my persona. Regarding the eagerly awaited wedding, Penny admitted, “I was definitely holding a few real tears back on the day.”

As good friends Marilyn (Emily Symons), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), and Tori’s brother Justin (James Stewart) looked on, Tori and Christian exchanged vows in September.

The “perfect send-off” for Tori, who departed Summer Bay soon after, according to Penny, was the wedding.

Together, Tori and Christian departed Summer Bay permanently, drawn by an alluring work offer in London.

I’m not the kind of person who looks back. Penny told WHO, “I genuinely think that everything has a season, so for me, quitting the programme felt like the end of a season.

“I am incredibly appreciative of the wonderful experience I’ve had on the show.”

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