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Chloe Anderson leaves Home and Away as final scenes air


Chloe Anderson, who is rumoured to have left Summer Bay to be with her mother in New Zealand, made her final appearance on tonight’s Australian episode of Home and Away.

The character, who first appears in Episode 7483, the eighth episode of the 2021 season, ends after just over a year and a half.

After fans noticed that actress Sam Barrett hadn’t been spotted filming at Palm Beach since March, we covered rumours of Chloe’s departure in our spoiler roundup for May. Chloe left Summer Bay for New Zealand in tonight’s episode after Tane (Ethan Browne) sent her away for her own protection.

Chloe (Sam Barrett) arrived in Summer Bay in the first week of 2021 after running across Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), a childhood friend, while they were both vacationing in New Zealand.


Chloe was raised by her mother Mia (Anna Samson), who had a relationship with Ari, in the Parata whnau (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Chloe had only ever known Ari as her father, so she was horrified when Mia abruptly moved them away when she was nine years old, saying that Ari no longer had anything to do with them.

Chloe didn’t realise that Ari had actually been incarcerated for armed robbery at the time; she didn’t find out until she met Nik by coincidence more than ten years later.

Regrettably, it was the same armed robbery that caused her to leave the bay. The men Ari stole the money from have tracked his family to Summer Bay more than ten years later, and even though Ari has long passed away, they still want their money back.


Tex (Lucas Lineham) initially showed up at Summer Bay as Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) handyman, but it soon became clear that the biker gang that was looking for Ari had actually sent him into the seaside community.

They turned to Tane after Ari had left the room and told him they wanted their money back plus interest.

Tane had assumed that selling Summer Bay Fit would be the last of it when she needed to raise money to repay them. The strategy had changed, Tex told him, and now they wanted Tane to utilise the gym to launder money for them instead.

When Tane questioned what would occur if he refused to cooperate with their laundering scheme, Tex retorted that he would be endangering Chloe’s safety. Later, when a bunch of bikers showed up at their home on Saxon Avenue, Tane understood that they weren’t fooling about.


Tane (Ethan Browne) made the decision to move Chloe to New Zealand to be with Mia, who left in April, in order to keep her safe. He gave her the reassurance that because the Paratas had allies in New Zealand, the bikies couldn’t find her there.

Chloe wasn’t very happy to be leaving the bay behind, especially because she couldn’t even tell Theo that she was leaving, but she soon realised that it was the proper thing to do for her own protection. Chloe had recently started dating Theo (Matt Evans).

We reflect on Chloe’s amazing year and a half at Summer Bay as she bids us farewell.

He agreed to let her stay after an emotional reunion with Ari in the first week of 2021 on the condition that she let Mia know. Mia then went to Summer Bay herself to pick up Chloe.

However, after working out their problems, the two agreed to stay in Summer Bay together. Chloe first refused to go with Mia since she did not want to forgive her for lying about Ari.

Until Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich), the bartender at Salt, refused to serve Chloe without an ID, their feud intensified after Chloe won over Mackenzie (Emily Weir) with her own cocktail-making abilities and landed a job working alongside him.


Chloe and Bella (Courtney Miller), Nik’s girlfriend, began to argue as Chloe spent more time with Nik. However, Bella soon came to terms with the fact that the couple would need their own space and began to focus on Ryder.

With Marilyn (Emily Symons), the two engaged in another cocktail competition, which backfired when a buzzed Marilyn later fell over and suffered a head injury. Ryder made another error by offering a meat dish to vegetarian Maz as an apology when she was blaming Chloe for the accident.

While the four of them were spending time together, Nik and Bella found Chloe and Ryder’s continual fighting to be annoying. Although they resisted Nik and Bella’s attempts to make friends with one another, Ryder proposed that they pretend to get along in front of them.

Chloe and Ryder were on their way to a night out when they saw Nik and Bella being loaded into a vehicle and taken away. Overnight, they were held captive in a shipping container by individuals who later revealed themselves to be the Parata brothers’ adversaries.

During the turmoil, Chloe got to know Ryder better, and the two eventually started dating secretly before Nik caught them kissing.

Despite Ari being in a relationship with Mac at the time, Chloe had been trying to arrange a date for Mia and Ari. Despite the fact that Ari ended his relationship with Mac after realising he was still in love with Mia and the kidnapping simply proved that he was still involved in illegal activity, Mia originally had no desire to interact with Ari. Mia, much to Chloe’s delight, realised where her heart truly belonged when Ari fell into a coma, and Tane persuaded her to give him another chance.

Ryder insisted on requesting Ari’s consent before asking Chloe out, and thought it would be great to do so in Mori. He asked Nik to help him draught a speech. When Ryder was the victim of Nik’s practical joke and unwittingly revealed to Ari what a terrible person he was, Chloe wasn’t amused.

As Ryder and Chloe sought to gatecrash their romantic getaway as retaliation for Nik’s joke on Ryder, Bella and Nik quickly themselves themselves battling to get time alone once more.

Mac gave Ryder the job of firing Chloe since she was still hurt from her break-up with Ari and she was a daily reminder. Ryder was unable to do it, thus Mac was forced to fire Chloe by herself. She was shocked when Ryder later resigned in protest.

Chloe and Ryder made the decision to launch a Mexican food truck in order to make the most of their complementary skills. They encountered a roadblock when they realised the costs involved, but friends and family came together to support them. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) was able to find them a truck, and after they were denied a business loan, Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker), and Marilyn gave them the money they needed to get started.

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