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Neighbours final week spoilers: Glen bows out as Terese and Paul’s love proves too strong?


Can Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), who have been dancing around each other and their impending divorce for months in Neighbours, really let go of one another now that the situation has reached its climax?

When life brings them together once more, they are both packing up to leave Ramsay Street and Paul is getting ready to leave for New York. It seems as though the cosmos simply cannot allow these two-part processes.

Terese’s contact with them results in an emotional realisation for her, leaving her in such a position that Glen will probably be the one to experience her fury.

Naturally, Terese taking her frustrations out on Glen and her refusal to let go of the past are both very problematic for Glen.


Terese’s relationship with Paul is one that Paul would prefer she avoid, but Terese is unable to do so. Glen, who is feeling low, mulls this over and makes a tough decision.

The wedding of Toadie and Melanie is another event that is rife with romance, happy memories, and good times.

It’s the ideal setting for Terese and Paul to face their unresolved emotions, which results in some discoveries. Could they try again with their relationship?

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