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Bonnie Sveen Revealed her feelings and impressions of working on Home and Away


Together with Steve Peacocke, who starred Daryl “Brax” Braxton, she played beloved Summer Bay resident Ricky Sharpe on Home and Away from 2013 to 2016, making up half of one of the show’s favourite golden couples.

And now, as she took to Instagram to answer fans’ questions candidly, Bonnie Sveen is sharing what it was really like to be active in the Channel Seven episode.

Grilled about her feelings about playing Ricky and being Steve’s on-screen love interest, Bonnie just had to say good things.

“The experience I cherished. I was immensely thankful for the opportunity to perform on a regular basis, get on set experience, make new friends (including my one-day husband) and play Ricky’s steadfast surfer. I liked being in and around the ocean so much… I miss it! “She poured over.

Bonnie Sveen (right), former Home and Away actress, gushed about her time on the soap and working with Steve Peacocke (left).

She said, gushing about her former co-star: “Steve is a wonderful actor, isn’t he!!”I have always been happy to work with him and I believe that we have helped each other to reach the greatest possible results.

Nevertheless, while Bonnie has happy memories of her time on the show, she seems unlikely to resume the role any time soon.

“She explained in another post, “As much as I would like to go back in time or replay positions (any, probably!), I still think that was over, is over.

Let time carry you to new locations and build new ties. I wasn’t who I was four years ago, but she walked me to where I am right now.


“I also think it was over, is over, as much as I would like to go back in time or replay roles (any, probably!),” she said of reprising her position.

Bonnie met her new boyfriend, Nathan Gooley, who was working on the show as an assistant producer, during her tenure on the popular soap.

The couple are now sharing identical twin girls that they accepted in October 2018, Myrtle Mae and Emerald.

Bonnie has a soft spot for a single scene in Home and Away’s past, due to their intimate connection.


What about the episode in which Ed Sheeran serenaded the Bay and Ricky fell for the doctor MEANWHILE irl Nath had to step in as Ed’s eyeline when the cast was filming and I heard Nath pretend to sing ‘We find love right where we are’ as we were FALLING IN LOVE,” she replied when asked about her favourite Home and Away movie scene.”

Bonnie met her husband Nathan Gooley (photo) on the set where he worked as an assistant producer.

While Bonnie was also questioned about other facets of her life, her time on Home and Away was surrounded by the majority of the questions and one fan wondered if this troubled her.

No, it doesn’t worry me… it might be if I didn’t have a good sense of self away from Ricky, but I know who I am, and after moving back to Tas and getting a “family” and a fam, I had the chance to focus on myself more,” Bonnie answered.”

Often it contributes to my appetite for something fresh and better… but I realise that it could be my ego talking.

Ultimately, for such a long period of time, I was so lucky to play such a lethal character. And when that materialises, I’m looking forwards to the next acting job.


The actress admitted that when the UK singer made a cameo, one of her favourite moments on set was when Nathan had to stand in for Ed Sheeran (pictured).

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