Sunday, July 3, 2022

As Ryder’s new love interest, Home and Away cast Sam Barrett.

The last notable romance Ryder was with Jade.

As a new love interest has been cast, romance might be on the cards for Home and Away’s Ryder Jackson.
Sam Barrett joins the Summer Bay soap, who previously played Daisy in the Australian series The Heights, and paparazzi photos show her unknown character and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) getting close to the beach.

Actors Lukas Radovich and Sam Barrett shoot romantic beach scenes in Sydney for Home and Away
The pair are seen playing on the beach and in the water with each other in the pictures, as well as sharing an embrace.



Not much more is known about the character or the plot of Barrett.
Backpacker Jade Lennox, played by Mia Morrissey, was Ryder’s last notable love interest, but that did not go well. Ryder was framed by Jade over a sex tape she posted after questioning her over money that she stole.
This year, his storylines also included meeting and then saying goodbye to Evan Slater, his long-lost father.

Elsewhere the identity of Witness X, the enigmatic individual who deceived Colby Thorne as the crooked policeman tried to escape being brought to justice for the murder of Ross Nixon, was eventually uncovered by a new Australian-pace promo.

Home and Away confirms the identity of Witness X ahead of the trial of Colby Thorne

In the UK, viewers can see Angelo Rosetta uncovering the affair of his wife Taylor and Colby, though after returning to his criminal ways, Tane Parata is found out by Ziggy Astoni.

Home and Away is on its annual break, and it’s earlier than you’d think.

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