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15 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (June 20 to 24)


There’s a stabbing at Salt next week on Home and Away, as Mac’s difficulties with PK get worse.

Meanwhile, Logan and Millie are still dealing with the aftermath of the automobile accident, and Nikau must make a major decision about his future.

Here’s a complete list of the 15 major events coming up.

1. Mac realises that PK has defrauded her

In PK’s hotel room, Mac is uneasy as he pledges to forget about the $100,000 he claims she owes him if she spends the night with him. Mac thinks about it for a moment before deciding she can’t do it.


Mac tells Ziggy and Dean the next day about what happened and how she refused to comply with PK’s heinous demands. Despite what PK stated, Dean gently informs her that the House can’t lose in poker, so she owes him nothing.

Mac is outraged to learn that PK has defrauded her, and she resolves to avenge herself.

2. Rose becomes Felicity’s ally

Felicity wants someone to dig into PK’s background for her, and Rose is aware of this. Cash won’t do it unless he understands why, but Felicity was hesitant to trust Rose when she first volunteered to help.

However, after spending the entire night worried about Mac’s whereabouts after the latest poker night, Felicity reconsiders and accepts Rose’s offer of assistance.


3. Mac is undecided about what to say to Logan

Mac confesses to Ziggy that she kissed PK in his hotel room before cancelling his contract. If Mac tells him the truth about how PK tried to take advantage of her, Ziggy believes Logan will understand.

Mac approaches Logan and ultimately confides in him about her financial difficulties. She subsequently discloses to Ziggy and Dean, however, that she was still unable to tell Logan the truth about the illegal poker sessions or PK.

4. Mac fights back against PK

Mac decides not to tell PK that she’s on to him, instead leading him to believe that she still owes him thousands of dollars. She plans to host another poker night and promises to give PK the proceeds, but she intends to keep the money to pay off Salt’s obligations.

Mac proposes to PK another VIP poker night, promising to pay him the buy-in. PK seeks a significantly greater contract for himself, claiming that he will be in charge of the event and will keep all of the proceeds. Mac refuses to accept these conditions and tells PK to go.


5. Felicity receives additional information from Rose

Rose gives Felicity an update on her investigation, revealing that she didn’t find anything noteworthy about PK’s past. She did learn, however, that PK’s associate Nathan has a bankruptcy past.

Someone bailed Nathan out over his debts at a critical stage, when he was facing jail time after an investor had brought him to court. Nathan was prevented from going to jail, and Rose believes PK was his last-minute rescuer.

6. Nathan seeks to avert Mac’s wrath

Nathan keeps doing PK’s dirty work by paying a visit to Mac at Salt. He encourages her to go along with PK’s wishes.

Nathan cautions Mac that PK is a dangerous man who should not be messed with. Mac urges him to take his story elsewhere since he won’t listen to him.

7. At Salt, Tane gets stabbed

When Mac and Dean are about to close up shop for the night, two thugs come at Salt. They wield a knife and demand money from the cash register.

The burglars steal money and break expensive bottles of wine, wrecking the establishment, forcing Mac and Dean to kneel helplessly nearby.


Tane and Felicity arrive upstairs, oblivious to what’s going on, and unknowingly create a distraction. This allows Dean to take on one of the goons while Tane goes after the other.

The two intruders eventually depart, but Felicity is shocked to discover Tane has been stabbed in the midst of the pandemonium.

8. Logan gets some bad news

As new information emerges, Cash receives a call from the team that examined Logan and Millie’s recent vehicle accident. Logan is summoned to the station for questioning by Cash.

Cash interrogates Logan about his speed at the time of the accident. Logan isn’t blind to the implications, and he asks bluntly if he’s being investigated.

Cash admits, much to Logan’s dismay, that the forensic evidence implies he was speeding and may be responsible for Millie’s passenger Jo’s death.

9. Xander continues to step on Millie’s toes

Xander continues to pay Millie visits in the hospital, seeking to show his support in the aftermath of the accident. Jasmine is concerned about this, believing that Xander is overly invested and that Millie should seek help from a bereavement counsellor.

When Logan confides in Jasmine about how the police suspect he caused the crash, she becomes even more involved in the Millie problem.

Xander receives this information from Jasmine, but he is sworn to silence. Xander is struck by the fact that Millie is blaming herself for the death of her friend Jo, despite the fact that Logan appears to be at fault.

10. Millie’s life is saved by Nikau and Xander

Millie leaves the hospital and goes to the beach, where she enters the water fully clothed. Nikau, who is on beach patrol, orders her to return because a deadly rip is building.

Nikau is forced to leap into the river to save Millie when she ignores him and continues into the water. Millie is already unconscious and needs to be dragged to shore by the time Nikau arrives.

Xander sees the spectacular rescue come to a close just as Nikau realises Millie isn’t breathing. With his paramedic talents, Xander takes over and gets Millie breathing again.

11. Xander causes more concern

Millie confesses her mental sorrow by telling Xander how bad she feels over Jo’s death once she has regained consciousness. Xander convinces Millie that it was Logan, not her, who was at blame for the accident.

Jasmine is appalled that Xander has abused her trust in this manner, and she confronts him, pointing out that he has gone too far with Millie once more.

12. Nikau comes to a fork in the road

Following Nikau’s brave rescue of Millie, John is full of admiration for him. Although Nikau is thankful, he reminds Bella that his beach work is still unpaid and that he needs to find a job. He reluctantly gives John his resignation.

John is upset that his star lifeguard is being forced to go, so he vows to apply to the local municipality to have Nikau work as a paid lifeguard. Nikau is quite appreciative for the possibility.

13. Theo demonstrates his vocal abilities

Theo is aware that Chloe is avoiding the Parata residence as a result of her recent altercation with Nikau. He arranges a romantic picnic for the two of them to take Chloe’s mind off things.

After his previous appearance on The Voice Australia, Theo brings Justin’s guitar and serenades Chloe, providing the perfect opportunity for Home and Away actor Matt Evans to show off his singing abilities.

14. Theo goes into greater detail about his traumatic past

The fact that Theo has musical skill astounded Leah and Justin. Theo describes how his aggressive father Dimitri discouraged him from playing, once smashing his guitar with an axe and setting it on fire outside.

Justin wants to be a bigger supporter of Theo’s interest, so he gives him one of his old guitars and tells him he can play it whenever he wants. When Leah gets home to see Theo and Justin singing together, she is moved.

15. A decision regarding Martha’s surgery is made

Martha decides to speak with the transplant coordinator once more to check if she’s fit for the procedure. Roo is overjoyed and schedules a quick meeting with the coordinator, who has a cancellation that afternoon.

Following the most recent meeting, Martha receives word that she is in the clear and that her surgery will take place in a week.

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