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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


In the upcoming episode of Home and Away, Tane prepares to leave the nation with Maia.

In other scenes, Valerie sutures Theo, Leah and Justin tie the knot, and Eden witnesses Levi and Mackenzie sharing a passionate hug.

This is the complete set of 14 incredible moments.

  1. Tane is being pursued by the cops

A terrified Dana shows up at the police station to report that Tane has abducted the young child, just as Rose and Harper are arranging to meet with Maia’s mother.


Dana’s violation of Tane’s AVO infuriates Rose, who holds her responsible for Maia’s abduction.

Rose races to Tane’s residence in the hopes of finding out where he might have taken Maia.

  1. Mali and Rose argue

Rose shows up at Mackenzie and Mali’s house out of the blue, shocking them both. Mali, however, interrupts Mac when she tells the officer that she is free to check Tane’s chamber.

Mali stands at the doorway, insisting that Tane has done nothing wrong and won’t let his girlfriend to leave without a search warrant. Will Mali’s relationship suffer as a result of his devotion to his friend?

  1. Maia’s mother speaks up

Sonia, Maia’s mother, shows up at the police station in the interim.

She tells Rose and Harper that her baby girl’s real name is Poppy and that she can’t wait to see her again.

Rose buys some time by telling Sonia that she needs to have regular ID checks and DNA testing done before she sees Poppy, even though she still doesn’t know where Tane has taken the child.

  1. Irene backs Dana.

Dana confides in Irene about the continuing situation involving Tane in order to release her guilt.


Rather of passing judgment, Irene notes that Tane is an adult and that she was powerless to stop him from stealing Maia.

Later, Tane texts Dana to let her know that Maia is safe and to stop contacting her. Head spinning, Dana picks up the phone and calls Rose right away.

  1. Levi allays Mac’s concerns

Mac apologizes to Levi for purposefully introducing herself to Imogen after they have renewed their affair.

She explains that her fears got the better of her and that she wanted to learn more about the lady he spends his nights with.

Levi reassures his sweetie that she is the one person he wants to be with and that there is no rival.

Stevie fires Cash.


The ex-boyfriend of Stevie’s deceased co-star from Death Throes texts her to inform her that the inquest into her death has completed.

With the help of his former police contacts, Cash is able to pull some strings and learn that Stevie is not happy to hear that Crystal’s death was determined to be a misadventure.

Having already come to the conclusion that the same individual who killed Crystal is now pursuing her, Stevie loses hope and dismisses Cash.

  1. Leah finds something concerning

Leah’s curiosity takes over when she finds Justin’s hidden wedding packet.

Looking inside, she discovers a piece of paper with the words “THE VJ ISSUE” highlighted in red marker.

She approaches Justin and asks to know the truth about her son’s situation. Leah’s lack of trust irritates him, but he assures her that things will work out for the best.

  1. VJ surprises his mother

It’s almost time for Justin and Leah’s wedding, and after spending the night partying with Valerie, the groom is upset when best man Theo arrives late.

Leah is likewise certain that VJ won’t attend the ceremony, but he unexpectedly shows up to surprise her.

As it happens, “THE VJ ISSUE” was just Justin figuring out how to get him from the airport, and Leah now feels silly for ever questioning her future spouse.

  1. Justin and Leah tie the knot

Leah is overcome with emotion as VJ leads her down the aisle, witnessing Justin’s dream wedding come true.

As their wedding celebrant, John goes above and above. Following heartfelt speeches and vow exchanges, he pronounces Justin and Leah to be husband and wife.

  1. Valerie gives Lyrik medication

As everyone enjoys the after-party, Justin approaches Theo and asks him why he took money from him to purchase drugs.

Theo tries to get out of it by bluffing, but Justin says Valerie has to leave, so it doesn’t matter.

Valerie takes the news hard and won’t stop taking her medication. She decides to hide the narcotics in one of Lyrik’s guitar cases out of necessity.

Rose discovers Valerie’s medications

When Kirby calls a band meeting the following morning to confront his worsening drug issue, Theo is furious.

Lyrik and Remi leave in their van to pick up their gear from the wedding location; Remi is with Stevie otherwise. Theo jumps to his feet in a panic as he passes Rose in a patrol car.

When he finally stops, Rose notices his tense demeanor and chooses to examine the car. What does she discover when she opens one of the guitar cases? Valerie’s medications!

  1. Harper tries to reason with Tane.

When Tane switches on the TV and finds his face all over the news, he is hiding out at his cousin’s house with Maia.

He phones Mali in a panic, asking if he can bring his passport, but Harper arrives with his companion.

Harper tells us that Maia’s real name is Poppy, and her mother is terribly missing her. After hearing this, Tane realizes he must confront reality and act morally.

Tane senses the might of the law.

Tane brings Poppy back to the police station with the help of Mali and Harper, and Sonia and her daughter have a heartfelt reunion there.

But the happy occasion is cut short when Tane is taken into custody on kidnapping allegations.

Tane looks resigned to his fate, despite Harper’s best efforts to persuade him that they’ll get him the greatest legal assistance.

  1. Eden questions Mac and Levi’s relationship

After dealing with Tane, Rose moves on to Theo, Eden, and Kirby, arresting them all for narcotics possession.

Eden phones Levi, who rescues them and gets the three of them out of the holding cell after they are made to spend the night there.

A lovely moment between the siblings is destroyed when Eden enters the parking lot and sees Levi and Mac making love.

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