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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Next on Home and Away, Tane gets into a lot of difficulty with the police because of his love for little Maia.

In another scene, Cash brings Stevie into his home, while Bree, who recently become single, stirs things up by flirting provocatively with Levi.

This is the complete set of 14 incredible moments.

  1. Tane finds it impossible to avoid Maia

Tane finds it difficult to follow the guidelines and avoid getting close to Maia, the infant.


Tane defies his better judgement and rushes to the hospital to see Maia after learning from Dana that she is feverish. However, Rose soon notices him and is not amused to see him.

  1. Problems with Rose Tane using an AVO

Angry For the hundredth time, Rose tells Tane that he cannot be at the hospital, but she also gives him the assurance that the authorities are trying to locate Maia a safe place to live.

However, Rose becomes irate and informs Tane she’s going to activate the AVO she earlier threatened. Tane refuses to leave.

  1. Tane is under police scrutiny.

Dana quickly wheels Maia’s crib away, acting as though the physicians need to see her, while Rose calls for backup cops.


Tane tries to follow, but Rose and her serjeant are preventing him from leaving.

Rose lays down the law, telling Tane he has two options: either he comes with them immediately, or he will be arrested.

  1. Roo tries to give Tane a hand.

Rose walks Tane through the AVO at the police station and cautions him against making things more difficult for himself.

Roo rushes to the station as soon as she hears about it and begs the police to dismiss all charges, but Rose is unyielding.


Recognising the gravity of the situation, Roo speaks with Tane in private and asks that he avoid Maia.

  1. Theo looks to Kirby for assistance.

Theo worries that Valerie’s drug addiction is getting out of control and believes there are no more options for him to support her.

He confides in Kirby about the situation out of desperation and acknowledges that he is absolutely out of his element. To Theo’s amazement, Kirby responds with empathy, explaining that Valerie needs expert assistance right now.

Reaching for his hand, she consoles Theo, but Valerie sees the emotional moment and feels deceived.

  1. Valerie pushes Theo in a risky direction

When Theo acknowledges that he has informed Kirby about Valerie’s brother’s passing, things only get worse for her.

She prepares to leave the Bay and packs her luggage, but Leah persuades her to stay.


Valerie takes out two tablets and asks if they can take them together as Theo promises to do everything in his power to earn her trust.

Despite his initial reluctance, Theo takes the tablet to keep Valerie happy. Is he going to regret it?

  1. Cash asks Stevie to remain

When word leaks out on social media about the location of Stevie’s hotel, she desperately calls Cash for assistance.

Eden is forced to let her boyfriend go, but she is shocked to see Cash arrive home with a beaming Stevie.

enraged Cash maintains that these are exceptional circumstances, but Eden questions why Stevie needs to stay with them when she has so many other security guards at her disposal.

  1. Cash attempts to maintain harmony

After catching wind of Cash and Eden’s argument, Stevie packs her bag to go, but Cash convinces her to stay, saying they can work things out.

Felicity visits the residence later and is astonished to see her acting idol in person.

Although Cash finds his sister’s giddiness amusing, he is interrupted when Eden texts him to ask to meet outside.

  1. Stevie and Eden declare a ceasefire

In his front yard, Eden and Cash confront one other and express their regret for their actions.

Eden, who continues to feel like the third wheel in her own relationship, dumps her onto Remi, who helps her see Cash’s point of view.

After a rough start, Eden and Stevie reconcile. How long will their ceasefire endure, though?

  1. Justin wants to ask John something.

Justin receives an apology from Leah for acting like a bridezilla, and she assigns him the task of planning their wedding.

Justin goes looking for John and asks if he will perform their marriage ceremony, telling Leah that he’s got this.

John is naturally nervous after being away from the game for so long, but he gets over it and vows to give Leah and Justin his best.

  1. Eden and Remi take the stage once more

The DJ abruptly cancels on Xander, throwing Maia’s charity night at Salt in risk.

Remi, who’s kicking himself because he broke up with Bree, is brought down to perform with Eden, who rescues the day.

The two take the stage, but before their first song even gets started, Remi spots his glamorous ex entering.

  1. Bree flirts excessively with Levi

At the event, Bree finds it difficult to be around Remi and feels hurt by his inability to even look her in the eye.

Bree resolves to move on after realising that Remi has, and she focuses on Levi, her former foe.

As Mackenzie looks on in disgust at the thought of another woman making advances on her guy, the flirtatious doctor comes on strong and covers Levi with her body.

  1. Remi finds Bree’s actions annoying

Remi is equally appalled by Bree’s floor show and believes that her flirtation with Levi is really an attempt at revenge.

Remi has had enough and rushes out of the pub, despite Eden’s best efforts to divert him.

Remi is still furious the next morning. Eden becomes sceptical as he wonders why Levi wasn’t taking any action to thwart Bree’s approaches.

Eden chooses to approach Levi after realising that her brother is being deceptive.

  1. Eden extends a welcome to Levi’s spouse.

Eden questions Levi about whether he has been unfaithful to his wife, putting him on the defensive.

In order to allay his sister’s concerns, he tells her a white lie and refutes any involvement with Bree.

Levi lets out a sigh of relief, but it’s short-lived since Eden tells him that Imogen has been invited to Summer Bay.

How is this going to affect him and Mac?

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