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‘Embarrassing’ reason former Home And Away star Tammin Sursok hospitalised


Tammin Sursok, a former cast member of Home and Away, has revealed the “embarrassing” video gaffe that sent her to the hospital.

The actress suffered a concussion when she fell off a bed while filming a comedy video. She portrayed Dani Sutherland in the Channel 7 soap opera from 2000 to 2004.

The forty-year-old was attempting to mimic a picture shoot of a newborn in which the infant is wrapped in a blanket and taken in different poses.

Lennon and Phoenix, her kids, had a similar newborn picture.


The title for the video says, “Newborn photoshoots be like…”

In the caption, Sursok made reference to the injury, saying, “I nearly went to urgent care because I fell off the bed and landed on my head 😂.”

However, Sursok disclosed two days after uploading the video that she had subsequently ended up in the hospital suffering from a concussion.

“What I’ve discovered over the past two days…” Sursok got going.


Concussions can occur from the silliest of actions. In addition, you may need to demonstrate or explain what you were doing to the doctor when it occurs.

“And it might be the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done.”

The effects of “concussions can happen 24 hours after you do that stupid thing, so watch for symptoms,” she added, were something she had learnt.

According to Sursok, her CT scans were “weirdly soothing and can make you nap when pumped with anti-nausea medication.”


She also made jokes with her girls about how her hospital stay resembled a “mini vacation.”

“Neck braces are good to sleep upright so maybe I’ll take one home for the plane,” she also learned.She later added, “Thanks for all the well wishes… feeling slightly better.”

Just some minor ego and brain damage. I did, in fact, have a brain, the scan revealed. That’s good, then.

While many chuckled at the video, fans also expressed concern for Sursok.

“Tammin, wow! I hope you’re okay; that’s crazy. 🤭 Did you have to show the video to your doctor? Happy healing ❤️,” enquired one.

In response, Sursok stated that the doctor had seen the video.


“I’m sorry this happened and I’m pleased you’re alright! However, I’m dying laughing 🤣🤣🤣,” commented another.

“You are an honourable hero; you did it for the welfare of the people, and for that, I applaud you! I’m wishing you luck after watching the video over ten times! “Make sure the bed has baby safe rails next time 😂,” another person commented.

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