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Former Home and Away star Luke Jacobz and new wife Raychel expecting first child


Luke Jacobz, a former star of Home and Away, and his wife Raychel Stuart have revealed their first child is on the way.

The pair wed on June 3 in Sydney’s Centennial Park, and the surprise comes just a few weeks later.

The statement was made via an Instagram post on Tuesday morning by the actor best known for his role as Angelo Rosetta on the Channel 7 serial opera.

“2023 has been quite the year!” he exclaimed.


“June wedding and November birth!

“Our home is already filled with so much love, and we can’t wait to welcome our little one.

“My amazing wife truly inspires me! She’s doing such a terrific job!”

After breaking the news, Jacobz gave his first interview about it on The Morning Show. He disclosed that he and his wife had been trying to expand their family for some time.


Raychel and I are expecting a child! We’ve been trying for a while, so the news came after we arranged the wedding, and we are so, very delighted,” he said on Tuesday morning.

We’re overjoyed because we promised not to postpone the wedding simply because Raychel is expecting.

He said, “poor Raychel had this gorgeous designer dress for the wedding, but she couldn’t wear it because of her growing baby bump.”

The actor said, “She had to purchase another dress for the wedding but she looked stunning.


“We’ll be having a baby in November!”

The couple had to postpone their wedding twice due to the epidemic, and the actor previously admitted he wasn’t sure the day would come. Now they have announced the birth of a kid and their impending marriage.

So our day actually did happen. We were engaged after 3 failed attempts and 499 days apart on July 5 on Instagram, according to Jacobz.

Being married to my best friend makes me really proud. After going through so much, we can finally spend the remainder of our lives together as husband and wife.

He continued by describing the day as “magical” as he posted pictures of the event.

In 2018, the couple first declared their engagement.


According to them, Stuart and Jacobz’s stepfather John walked down the aisle with Stuart as they said “I do” in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

When John was asked to do it, he was “just completely blown away,” according to Luke.

It was an especially memorable moment.

Stuart’s brothers were unable to attend the wedding because they were still in the US and both the bride and groom had lost their fathers.

After the wedding, Jacobz admitted, “I was a mess. I just lost it when I saw Raychel because we’ve been waiting so long for it to happen.”

The plan called for Raychel to use a few Kleenex, but I ended up using all of them.

After the wedding, the couple celebrated at Lavendra in North Sydney, their favourite Indian eatery.

Stuart and Jacobz met in 2017, but because of the pandemic’s limits on foreign travel, they were forced to live apart for 16 months.

Stuart eventually finished her 14-day quarantine in Sydney so she could meet her partner in person.

“She’s here at last! 499 days after separating! I am reunited with the love of my life!!” In June 2021, Jacobz posted on social media.

“Rachel’s first day in Australia, we completed the @bridgeclimb at night! So, we’re doing it once more today! We are very excited that the sun is out.

On November 11, 2020, the day that was supposed to be their wedding day, Jacobz posted a heartfelt message.

“It’s 11.11 a.m. on November 11, 2020. I was supposed to wed the love of my life today. Sadly, COVID-19 has compelled us to delay,” he stated. We haven’t seen each other since the 22nd of January, which is 294 days or 7,055+ hours, or 423,400+ minutes. During that time, I haven’t held her hand, brushed her hair back behind her ear, gazed into her eyes, made her coffee, picked her up and hugged her, slapped her butt, slow danced with her, made her breakfast in bed, opened the car door for her, raced her up the stairs with her,

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