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Who dies on Neighbours? 7 potential victims after the show’s funeral teaser


A new promo for Neighbours’ final few months has been released. It also implies that not everyone on Ramsay Street will make it to the final episode.

The long-running Australian soap will finish its 37-year run on Channel 5 on Monday, August 1 with episode 8903.

As the countdown to the melancholy series finale (which includes a special guest appearance by Kylie and Jason), we’re wondering who might be killed off in a shocking twist.

Here’s a list of previous and present characters whose lives could be jeopardised.


1. Paul Robinson

A shady businessman During his 26 years on the Australian drama, Paul has had multiple near-death encounters.

Remember when Paul’s third wife, Rebecca, shoved him from the Lassiters balcony? Or when Harold snapped and tried to strangle his enraged next-door neighbour?

Will Paul’s unscrupulous tactics finally catch up with him as Neighbours comes to an end? Have the show’s producers and writers taken the risk of killing off a long-running character who initially appeared in the inaugural episode in 1985?

After all these years, Paul’s death could be the catalyst that sends his younger brother Scott and his wife Charlene back to Ramsay Street.


2. Harold Bishop

Harold was troubled by the ghost of his late wife Madge when he last visited Erinsborough in 2015 (for the 30th anniversary of Neighbours).

Ian Smith has recently returned to the set of the soap opera, filming sequences as Harold for the final episodes.

Is Harold back for one more trip down memory lane with family members Scott and Charlene, as well as his former son-in-law, Joe Mangel?

Could Harold be on his way to join his beloved Madge in the afterlife, leading to a very sad farewell?


3. Hendrix Greyson

Hendrix, a Harold’s Cafe employee, is currently on borrowed time after being diagnosed with lung disease as a result of being exposed to smoke during the Erinsborough High School fire.

On the upcoming episode of Neighbours, Hendrix appears to be sabotaging his chances of receiving a lung transplant when he goes in search of the donor and is caught by a grieving family member.

Hendrix’s future could be gloomy if he does not receive a lung transplant to extend his life.

Is it possible that Hendrix will not live long enough to marry his girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves in a tragic twist of fate?

4. Harlow Robinson

After wrapping up her three-year reign as Harlow Robinson, Jemma Donovan debuted a new appearance on social media. Harlow’s farewell scenes will run prior of the series finale, a Neighbours spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy.

What will become of Harlow? She manages to elude cult member Corey, who has been attempting to recruit her into the Restoration Order, the following week. However, scary Corey is still on the loose, and he still owes Harlow money.


Is it possible that Harlow, like her doomed mother Prue, will meet a horrible end?

5. Izzy Hoyland

When she returns to Ramsay Street, the lady who once managed to destabilise Karl and Susan Kennedy’s marriage will cause more havoc.

Izzy was at the centre of a baby bombshell plan when she last visited Erinsborough in 2018, when she stole Karl’s sperm sample and sought to conceive herself. After that, how can Izzy possible show her face again?

There has to be a compelling cause for her return to the Melbourne cul-de-sac. Could it be that Izzy has bad news for Karl and wants him to take custody of their daughter, Holly, permanently?

We’re completely guessing here. But what if Izzy’s nefarious behaviour finally catches up with her, and she realises she’s dying? A scenario like this could even lead to a bittersweet truce between Izzy and Susan, her long-time love rival.

6. Glen Donnelly

Glen escaped death over 30 years ago when he fell off the roof of Lassiters. But what if Glen is being hunted by the Grim Reaper ahead of the series finale?

Glen, who has a history of alcoholism, unwillingly begins taking painkillers after being hurt in an accident at the vineyard in episodes airing this month. Is the recovering addict, however, at risk of relapsing?

He’s completely distraught at the issue with his long-lost daughter, Kiri. Will Glen take medicines instead of alcohol to soothe his sorrows? Is Glen’s downward spiral doomed to end tragically?

7. David Tanaka

The future of Paul’s son David is now uncertain. After confessing to letting Gareth die after his stunning assault on David’s husband, Aaron, the hospital doctor could face prison time.

Takaya Honda of Neighbours recently shared some behind-the-scenes photographs from a boat shoot.

Since then, several viewers have speculated that David may flee the country to avoid prosecution. What if someone drowns after falling overboard?

If Paul loses another of his children, it would be a terrible tragedy. Remember his son Cameron (evil Robert’s twin brother) who died in the hospital after being hit by a car? Death, on the other hand, in Soapland implies big drama.

By the way, we sincerely hope David does not pass away. Imagine the wailing and Aaron being left alone to raise Isla.

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