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When Ada Nicodemou turned 41, she decided to rejuvenate her workout routine, and she’s never looked back


Everyone’s fitness adventure goes through stages until we find something that suits our own requirements.

Ada Nicodemou had always eaten well and exercised consistently, but at 41, she felt it was time to put herself “first for a little while” and revamp her fitness routine.

In 2018, she told WHO Magazine, “I was feeling fatigued, lethargic, and not very driven.”

To break out from her rut, she joined Sydney trainer Lia Jones’ two-month Fit Me Jones challenge with her partner Adam Rigby, and they both adopted the 80/20 eating rule popularised by Miranda Kerr.


“I’ll stay to this eating plan, but it’ll be an 80/20 split: 80 percent of the time, I’ll stick to it, and 20 percent of the time, I’ll relax a little. Life is meant to be savoured “she revealed to the media

Ada has maintained a tight morning fitness programme, which includes a rotating schedule of pilates, walks, personal training sessions, and weights, since she and her boyfriend took on the challenge.

During an interview with New Idea, the Home and Away performer took her fans through her morning routine.

“Depending on the season, I start my day with either a shot of apple cider vinegar or hot water with lemon,” she explained. “It’s currently hot lemon water. I next proceed to take a collagen supplement.”


She then begins to move.

“It’s difficult, but I work out every morning. For me, it’s a non-negotiable. I either go to the gym, take a stroll, or have a personal training session. When I do, I feel so much better “Ada clarified.

During an interview with Now To Love during her time on Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars, she revealed further details about how she stays in shape.

She will, however, be the first to recognise that it is necessary to switch things up.


“I try to exercise four times per week. So, realistically, two of those days will be weight-lifting exercises in the early morning “she stated

“I enjoy going for walks outside. I go for a long walk even during my lunch break at work. If I don’t have much time, I’ll go for a 20-minute run followed by some weight training.”

Of course, exercise has numerous physical benefits, but for Ada, sticking to her programme is also about maintaining a positive mental attitude.

“Exercise is really beneficial to me because it allows me to get through the long hours at work and it is also beneficial to my mental health. When I exercise, I feel great! “she confessed

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