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As Home and Away prepares to farewell Sam Frost, we look back at her character Jasmine’s iconic redemption arch


When it comes to Jasmine Delaney from Home and Away, we can’t recall a time when we weren’t fans of the Summer Bay local.

The enigmatic nurse, like all the other characters we’ve seen come and go on the classic Australian soap, had humble beginnings when she first appeared on our screens back in 2017.

Given that the character was performed by former Bachelorette Sam Frost, whose acting prowess couldn’t be overlooked, she drew our attention right away.

But there was something else about Jasmine that resonated with the show’s devoted fans – and looking back, it’s easy to see why she became a Bay legend so soon.


Jasmine arrived at Summer Bay after one of the town’s most beloved former residents passed away – in a coffin, no less.

And, incidentally, Jasmine was directly responsible for the death of such resident, copper Kat Chapman.

Why is Australia so enamoured with this misunderstood figure? Her likability and famous redemption arc are the deciding factors.

As Sam Frost’s character Jasmine prepares to leave Home and Away, we take a look back at some of her best storylines.


Jasmine made her first appearance on the show in December 2017, when she was the sole occupant of a car that collided with resident cop Kat Chapman. Kat died on the spot, while Jasmine, who was then unknown, was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

We might not have had a narrative for the misunderstood nurse at all if it weren’t for the show’s adored doctor Tori Morgan.

Summer Bay’s newest arrival rapidly made friends, being taken in by long-timer Lea Patterson, who aided her as her backstory was exposed. Jasmine had been hiding from a tumultuous background that included an abusive and controlling partner.

And thus began one of Jasmine’s first flings in Summer Bay. Colby, the new cop in town, assists her through the stalker situation with her ex-boyfriend, and the two develop a romantic relationship. While the two never officially date, they attempt a “casual” relationship before concluding it isn’t going to work because of Colby’s perilous job and the risk of Jasmine becoming involved.


But it doesn’t matter. Jasmine rapidly builds a bond with Robbo, the show’s misunderstood “bad guy.” After much to-ing and fro-ing, the couple finally seals the deal, with Robbo even proposing to Jasmine.

After a six-month absence from Robbo due to a conflict with Jasmine’s friend Tori, who became pregnant with his baby via IVF, the couple eventually marries.

Of course, Jasmine will be accompanied by her closest friends on her special day. Willow has always been the nurse’s go-to, so you can guarantee she was in the front row for the wedding.

Fans may also recall Jasmine’s magnificent gown, which was one of our favourite gowns of all time throughout the soap’s long history of weddings!

When Grace, Tori and Robbo’s baby, is born, Jasmine becomes an important part of her life.

While Jasmine aspires to have a child with Robbo, she finds it difficult to separate herself from baby Grace.


But, before the two can start their own family, Robbo dies in a devastating vehicle accident, leaving Sam heartbroken. Sam talked to TVWEEK about filming the terrifying sequences, saying: “I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. The moment [where Robbo dies] was shot in one take, with all cameras set up at different angles. I was on the ground screaming hysterically afterwards because it felt so genuine.”

Jasmine is still dealing with the reality of losing her lover, but she later learns that she is pregnant with his kid.

The Summer Bay beauty was dealt yet another devastating blow in May 2020, when she miscarried the baby.

Jasmine temporarily departs The Bay after a turbulent few months to begin a new chapter on the Shaw family farm, which belongs to her late partner Robbo’s family. But she can’t escape the past, and when Colby and Irene beg Jasmine to return to Summer Bay’s sandy shores, she reluctantly agrees.

When Jasmine learned that her estranged husband had died, she pretended that nothing had happened until her brother showed up on her doorstep, and her history caught up with her. Fans of Home and Away were ecstatic to learn more about Jasmine’s life before Summer Bay, and it was clearly a family affair.

Jasmine was forced to play babysitter and try to calm Felicity down after she had a tantrum when her brother Cash sent her a mood-altering SMS.

When a mysterious poisonous chemical attack put the lives of several Summer Bay favourites in jeopardy in 2021, it was the most stunning incident of the year. Jasmine jumped up to conduct CPR on Tane and others in an attempt to save their lives, demonstrating that she would go to any length to ensure the survival of her friends.

Rose, Jasmine’s half-sister, has had a tumultuous connection with her. The blonde beauty couldn’t understand the fact that their father lavished love on her younger sibling, something she had never experienced. As a result, when well-intentioned Xander stepped in to assist the girls with a volleyball match, things rapidly became tense on the court. Audiences were kept on the edge of their seats as emotions mounted during the tough game.

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