Monday, November 20, 2023

Welcome to Summer Bay! Home and Away unveil four new faces as new band ‘Lyrik’ join the long-running soap


Four new actors are joining the cast of Home and Away.

A group of four people named Lyrik will arrive on the streets of Summer Bay in the well-known Australian soap opera.

Actor Rob Mallett portrays Bob, the lead singer of the band. Angelina Thomson will play Kirby, Stephanie Panozzo will play Eden, and Adam Rowland will play Remi.

On Monday, July 4, the band will make their television debut.


In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Rob claimed that working on the soap opera was something that was on his “bucket list” and that he “hopes to win the hearts and minds of Australia.”

Adam, meanwhile, explained how he had been employed in a bar when he received the coveted position.

“I was pouring pints when the news called on my phone.” After that phone call, it goes without saying that I needed a pint or two myself. I was anticipating a shift in my life and was both excited and a little intimidated by it.

He continued, “I was calling Sydney home three days later,” after grabbing his instrument and packing a bag.


According to Stephanie, she chose Covid for her audition instead of Zoom because she couldn’t go from Melbourne because of her Covid.

I believed that since I wouldn’t be able to be present, I had lost out on the opportunity to play the part. I was heartbroken,” she admitted.

Days later, though, she received the news that she had been cast in the part via a FaceTime chat with her agents, leaving her “beyond delighted.”

After Emily Symons, who has intermittently played Marilyn Chambers on Home and Away for the past 30 years, seemed youthful at the Logie Awards on the Gold Coast, the announcement was made.


The Australian actress appeared on the red carpet wearing a slinky white Silvana Tedesco dress, emphasising her youthful skin and slender figure.

She added some sparkle in the form of a statement ring and drop earrings, heightening her appearance with a pair of silver stiletto heels.

The single mother curled her golden hair into waves and used glitzy makeup to highlight her flawless skin.

The red carpet look was completed with kohl-lined eyelids, copious amounts of mascara, bronzer on her sculpted cheekbones, and a swipe of glossy nude lipstick.

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