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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (July 4 to 8)


After PK is discovered dead on Home and Away the next week, Dean is now a murder suspect.

Bella’s desire to depart forces Nikau to make a choice, and Leah meddles in Theo and Theo’s relationship in other scenes.

The complete list of 12 major events is provided below.

1. An investigation into a murder starts

After the body of PK was discovered, the beach was turned into a crime scene. The death of PK is being investigated by the police as suspicious, and the coroner’s report indicates that he passed away within the last two or three days.


PK’s body looks to have been discarded on the sand; otherwise, it would have been discovered much earlier.

Leading the inquiry and looking for PK’s known allies are Cash and Rose. These people include Felicity Newman, Cash’s sister, and Nathan Silva.

2. Felicity faces challenging inquiries

While Felicity, Tane, and Logan are eating supper together, the cops show up at the Parata residence. The murder of PK is revealed by Cash and Rose. Felicity explains that Salt loaned money to Mac under pressure to explain Salt’s recent connection to PK.

Felicity is more forthcoming with Logan after the cops have left by telling him that PK tried to dupe Mac into having sex with him. Logan’s frustration with Mac for keeping so many secrets and lying to him reaches its zenith with this. She is informed by him that their romance is finished.


3. Nathan conceals evidence

When Nathan is questioned by the authorities, he insists that they were friends and denies having any reason to desire to kill PK. According to Rose, PK might have wanted Nathan dead because he owed him money.

According to Nathan, Mac and Dean should be the prime suspects because they both had a conflict with PK. However, it becomes obvious that Nathan has something to hide when he is subsequently seen wiping fingerprints off a metal wrench.

4. Ziggy provides Dean with a phoney alibi

Dean is escorted to the police station to be questioned about the killing of PK. Ziggy goes down there to help him after learning what’s happening.

Cash requests information from Ziggy concerning Dean’s location the day of the murder. Since she had taken the afternoon off from work, Ziggy lies and says Dean was at home with her.


5. Ziggy’s vehicle contains damning proof

Rose discovers proof that Dean’s alibi, provided by Ziggy, was untrue. Police show up to search Ziggy’s vehicle and the Astoni farmhouse.

The house is empty, but the car’s trunk has a bloody wrench in it. Dean admits that he kidnapped and attacked PK but managed to keep him alive down at the station.

Dean maintains that it was merely a coincidence that PK was killed on the same day, but because someone appears to be framing him, he is still being investigated.

6. Mac will do her own police interview

Mac is questioned at the station and could also be a suspect in PK’s murder.

Mac is informed by Cash that they already knew she owed PK money. Mac admits that she borrowed money from him, but she says she paid it back a few days before he passed away and she never saw him again.

7. Xander talks about his disturbing past

Jasmine is informed by Xander that she has threatened to falsely accuse him of harassment if he tells the authorities that Millie was to blame for the accident.


As he has previously had an AVO filed against him, Xander says that he wouldn’t benefit from such a charge. He was trying to assist a woman who was in an abusive relationship when the complaint arose, but it backfired when he was falsely accused of harassing the woman.

8. Xander makes a questionable choice

When Xander and Jasmine find that Logan has been accused of causing death by unsafe driving, they get concerned. Xander runs into Millie and begs her one final time to tell the truth to the police about the collision.

After making a scene, Millie threatens Logan once more. Roo assumes Xander is the bad guy and tells him to stay away from Millie.

Jasmine encourages Xander as he decides to go to the police and make a statement in defiance of Millie’s threats.

9. Emmett comes back with a proposal for Bella

Emmett returns to Summer Bay and announces that a new project has been secured with a non-profit gallery in New York. Now he wants Bella to help him out there for the next three months.

When Nikau learns, he has a negative reaction since he doesn’t think Bella will ever return to the Bay after such a great chance. Bella’s suggestion that Nikau join her in New York offers Nikau something to ponder.

10. Nikau takes a choice that alters his life

Nikau thinks about Bella’s idea over New York but is aware that it would entail giving up the full-time lifeguard job he recently got.

Nikau thinks back on his first week on the permanent job and how much he has enjoyed it. He realises that he cannot abandon his own ambitions only to appease Bella.

When it is agreed that Nikau will remain in his position, John is happy, but now Nikau needs to tell Bella the news.

11. Roo fumbles to exit Martha

Following the transplant, Roo is now healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital, but Martha still needs a few more days to recover. Since they have been in this together for so long, Roo is hesitant to leave her mother.

A reluctant Roo eventually decides to go home after separate heart-to-heart conversations with Marilyn and Martha. She still feels uncontrollably afraid for her mother, though.

12. Leah presses Chloe for clarification

Leah is interested in hearing rumours about Theo’s connection with Chloe and how serious it is. Leah decides to have Chloe over for dinner after struggling to find the answers she needs.

Chloe is happy to be included in the group but stunned when Leah surprises her at dinner. Chloe gets defensive when Leah presses her for information about her plans for Theo.

It will be obvious that Leah needs to make amends when she realises she accidentally strained the young relationship.

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