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Toadie sabotaged, Brent’s fate sealed, and a surprise return: 6 big Neighbours spoilers


Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) are preparing to take their relationship to the next level by going public. The trouble is, someone has already done it for them, and it’s going to pose significant complications for the happy couple.
Ned (Ben Hall) and Sheila C (Shareema Clanton) find themselves fighting their emotions in order to keep Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) safe from the truth. But how long will they be able to fight them?
After Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) finds out about Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) terrible scheme, she tells him what for. But it’s too late; the wheels are already in motion and can’t be stopped. Has he just damaged the life of someone else?
Bea (Bonnie Anderson) is having severe misgivings despite the fact that she and Levi (Richie Morris) recently spoke the L word. Is she still hopeful for a future with him?
When an uninvited visitor shows up in Erinsborough, Roxy (Zima Anderson) is surprised, and she reacts in true Roxy fashion.
Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

who is Toadie’s nefarious accomplice?

Melanie is all set to shout their love from the rooftops, which is adorable, but she is far from prepared. He’s worried that once they tell the world what they’ve been up to, they’ll lose their power, then there’s the added difficulty of his children. However, because the pair has a D&M, he realises that it might not be such a bad thing if everyone finds out. Unfortunately for him, someone has already done it, and the results are disastrous.
He learns that they have been dropped from the lucrative Carmelo Anthony case. They discovered Toadie and Melanie’s unprofessional liaisons and now believe it is completely unacceptable. But how did they learn about it? This is devastating news for Toadie, and it might have far-reaching consequences for his firm. What is the identity of the mole?

Sheila C and Ned C are at odds with their emotions.
Sheila C and Ned’s relationship is heating up. They’ve spent so much time together that it was just a matter of time until things went wrong. They acknowledge their feelings for each other, but resolve to push past them by putting a mental wall in place. Obviously, this is easier said than done, and they’ve effectively lighted their own fuse in the countdown to their suppressed emotions resurfacing. Ned begins to worry about what he’ll say to Yashvi. Is their marriage doomed?


Is Bea going to leave Levi behind?
Sheila C detects Bea is on the fence regarding her relationship with Levi. Sheila C has some shocking news for Bea as she tells how Levi saved her in the aftermath of Finn’s death — maybe she’s just in a rehab relationship. She realises Sheila C is correct, and she needs to have a serious chat with her lover after he makes a romantic gesture that makes her feel terrible. Has she realised she won’t be seeing Levi in the future?

Brent’s fate is sealed by Paul.

Paul has started the process of entirely destroying Brent’s future. Even for him, it seems a little extreme, and it’s all in the name of keeping Harlow away from the evil lad. When Ned and Terese learn of Paul’s horrible crime, they encourage him to return to Holden and cancel the contract. He reluctantly does what they request and informs Holden that the deal is off. Naturally, Holden isn’t going to backtrack on his effort for freedom; his storey will continue as is, and Brent will bear the brunt of the blame.
Brent informs Harlow that he is entering the Army as a result of Paul’s heinous meddling. Harlow is forced to say another goodbye after being crushed yet again. Will Paul be ecstatic that he got his way, even if it means jeopardising Brent’s future?

Because of her surprise reappearance, Roxy is in a lot of difficulty
Roxy is making a concerted attempt to win Terese’s approval. However, if someone unexpectedly returns to Erinsborough and jeopardises Roxy’s dream career, it could all be for naught. Amy makes a triumphant return, ready to take on the world, beginning with Lassiters. Roxy feels sick to her stomach when she learns that Amy has landed the job she so dearly wanted.
Terese explains that it’s because Amy’s application was superior, and Roxy is saddened because she thought she’d done everything she could. She sobs on Chloe’s shoulder, who tells her that this is a learning experience and that she must accept it. But it gets worse: Amy – who has a history of taking other people’s ideas, as evidenced by the uniform design catastrophe – keeps claiming Roxy’s ideas as her own. She resolves to take severe action to get her own back because she is fed up with her hard work being for naught. Will she, however, cause herself more harm than good?


chloe and aaron’s situation worsens.
When Nicolette has to work and Chloe and Aaron are left to practise for the volley ball competition alone, they are lulled into a false sense of security. They’re relieved to be free of drill sergeant Nic, but they’re counting their chickens too soon, as Jane steps in. She’s also psycho coach number two, which is even worse than Nic. Is it possible that Chloe and Aaron are about to give up?

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