Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Love Triangle ! Things are heating up between Ziggy and Tane, but is Dean going to win her back before the sparks fly?

There is an apparent spark between Tane and Ziggy, and we’re not just talking about their jobs in the garage!
But would she take a chance on a new love or fall back into Dean’s arms?
With Leon (Will McNeill) and his band of thugs, Tane can feel the walls closing in after another close run-in.
Not only were his brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Mac (Emily Weir) dragged by his illegal acts into his mess, but also his boss and co-worker Ziggy (Sophie Dillman)!

At this point, Tane is feeling very emasculated and not himself.
For all his run-ins with Ari and trying to appease him, doing his best to lead a cleaner life, and not being able to express his feelings for Mackenzie for obvious reasons, he doesn’t feel so much for himself and where his life started,’ Ethan tells TV WEEK.
Ziggy feels bad for Tane as she is aware of his feelings for Mac and vowed to support him. She is the kind of individual who without challenging their history, will give anyone a fair shot.
After agreeing to do a final task to pay off the $25K drug debt, Leon backed off but Mac was not convinced.
She arranges to meet Leon and pay off the loan by handing over the keys to her Porsche.
Ari is livid with his girlfriend, though Tane’s guilt eats him up inside…

Tane attempts to do a good deed and arrives on her doorstep with pizza and soda, remembering in the garage how overworked Ziggy is.
The mechanic was satisfied and they talked for the night.
As the hours wear by the bid welcome with an intense Tane gaze, Ziggy provides the sofa as a place to sleep.
They all quickly pull away from the moment before anything happens…
“Of course, there’s chemistry,” teases Ethan.
“Tane and Ziggy seem to be bantering pretty well and making a laugh.”
Ziggy’s mind races with worries about Tane the next day.
Is there more than friendship on the cards?

Dean appears on her doorstep before she can work it out, intoxicated and furious.
He’s just watching his best friend go to jail, and Ziggy also doesn’t want to chance it.
Ziggy is told to sleep it off by the rejection that hits Dean like a tonne of bricks. He stumbles into his car before Ziggy can stop him, and speeds off.
Ziggy reprimands herself for how she handled the case and runs to Salt, but he’s not there.
With Tane’s aid, she scoured the sands of Summer Bay to find him.
On the side of the lane, they finally saw his vehicle.
Dean is asleep and bent over the wheel!
Is he really going to be fine?


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