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Tane shares a forbidden kiss with Mac in a dramatic betrayal on Home And Away.

This is the picture that will send Home And Away fans into a frenzy this week: Mac and Tane are fiercely kissing!

Is their steamy smooch just a case of desire gone wild – or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Since she lost her former lover Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) son, Mac (Emily Weir) has been on a downward spiral.

Two hospital visits have taken their toll on the once bubbly young woman, one of which left her struggling for her life.

Mac is acting out because of “the pain and trauma of having an ectopic pregnancy, breaking up with Ari (a guy she loves), and facing the reality – which is that this is not what she had imagined for herself at this point of her life,” according to Emily.

Mac has tried to relieve her pain with alcohol because she is depressed and lonely. And her behaviour has been even more erratic this week.

A sloshed Mac shows up on Tane’s (Ethan Browne) doorstep, asking to see his brother Ari, who isn’t home, after an afternoon drinking session with Jasmine (Sam Frost).

Tane decides to take matters into his own hands and accompany Mac to her own home.

But as soon as she walks through the gates, the hot mess appears. Tane is putting it on with Mac. Before he realises what’s going on, she wraps her arms around his back and plants a kiss on his lips.

“Mac is looking for confirmation that he is wanted,” Emily says. “Ari’s abandonment left her feeling utterly unlovable, and she knows Tane has always had a soft spot for her.”

“So, to keep herself occupied – and exact vengeance on her boyfriend, Ari – she acts out while inebriated.”

Mac may be inebriated, but certainly she recognises that what she’s done has crossed a line?

“At first, Mac doesn’t seem to regret her decisions,” Emily explains.

“She keeps pushing away everyone she loves, so admitting she’s wrong will require her to change her behaviour, which she isn’t ready to face yet.”

When Tane’s girlfriend – and Mac’s best friend – Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) learns of this, she will be angry.

Mac, on the other hand, isn’t done with a drunken pash, and she’s urging Tane to join her in the sack. Will he go that far, though?

“I really love you,” Dean confessed.

This week, Dean drops a bombshell on Ziggy, telling her that he’s really in love with her.

What will she do, and what will it mean for her and Tane’s relationship?

Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Amber (Maddy Jevic), and their son Jai (River Jarvis) have always seemed to be a happy family. When Dean tells Amber they don’t have a future, the picture is shattered. What is the reason for this? Since Ziggy is the one he really desires. When Ziggy learns that Amber and Jai have left the Bay, she tracks down Dean and interrogates him. Dean then reveals the reason for their departure: she.

Patrick, 28, tells TV WEEK that Dean is still in love with Ziggy. “She’s his life’s passion, and he’s always holding on to that notion.”

Though Ziggy appears to be content in her relationship with Tane, the two recently declared their love for one another, she mysteriously fails to tell him what Dean said to her.

Ziggy obviously has a lot on his mind right now…

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