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Tammin Sursok steps out with her parents on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in a pair of $39 denim overalls


She just revealed her relationship with Best & Less on social media and has been pushing their denim line.

Tammin Sursok took her ambassadorship to the streets last week, walking out in a pair of denim overalls from the store’s collection on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

On Thursday, the actress, 38, was joined by her parents, Daryl and Julie, for an outing.

The former star of Home and Away wore the denim jacket over a white T-shirt and white sneakers.


She wore pink-framed sunglasses and slung a huge black handbag over her right shoulder.

Tammin’s wavy brunette locks were arranged casually for the family outing.

Sursok detailed her harrowing Saturday night in a series of Instagram photos a little over a week ago.

She posted a disturbing photo of her three-year-old daughter Lennon, who had struck her head on a side table at their Airbnb, lying in bed with blood on the blankets.


Tammin, who shares Lennon and her eight-year-old daughter Phoenix with husband Sean McEwen, said she checked on her daughter ‘every two hours for a concussion’ and thanked Australia’s medical system.

Tammin told her followers that she was ‘sharing [it] to raise awareness against kids falling out of beds’ beside the photograph of Lennon in bed with blood on the linens.

‘Lennon is well, but it was an eventful evening.’ My heart wasn’t in good shape. ‘I’ll be keeping an eye on her all night,’ the Pretty Little Liars star said.

Tammin shared a video of Lennon eating the next day, saying she was relieved to hear her baby was doing well.


‘Every two hours, we tested her for a concussion.’ I am extremely appreciative for Australia’s medical system. ‘I was able to speak with an emergency nurse at the hospital and go over all of the procedures,’ she explained.

Tammin took to Instagram Stories to describe how the accident happened after receiving comments of concern and support from fans.

‘We were in an Airbnb, and she was on her bed… like a big girl bed, with a small side table that I had moved all the way around to the opposite end of the bed,’ she said.

Tammin was concerned that Lennon would ‘never’ be able to get on that side of the bed, and she expressed her concern after hearing a’massive thump.’

‘She had hit her head on this corner of it [the side table], and she was bleeding from a small gash on the side of her skull. Tammin added, ‘The blood was literally pouring down into her mouth.’

Obviously, the former Home and Away star ‘tried not to freak out,’ but she admitted that seeing ‘blood in general on your child is extremely terrible.’


Tammin has been busy recording scenes for Neighbours before the show’s 37-year run comes to an end in January.

Last month, she disclosed that she would be returning to Queensland on weekends to be with her family.

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