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Shock exits, fan favourite returns and explosive storylines: Everything we know about the Neighbours finale

Spoilers for the final episode of Neighbours are appearing as viewers get ready to bid goodbye to Ramsay Street.

The serial pledged to conclude the programme on a positive note once it was revealed that Neighbours was nearing the conclusion of its run.

There have been several rumours regarding what will happen in the series’ final episode, one of which suggested Ramsay Street will blow up.

We’ve included all we know about the soap opera’s final episode below, including the plot, the characters who will be departing, and who will be returning.

How will “Neighbours” conclude?

Jason Herbison, executive producer of Neighbours, quickly dismissed the idea when TV Tonight asked if he would think about blowing up Ramsay Street in the finale.

Jason emphasised, “I would never, ever blow it up. The conclusion will celebrate the past, present, and leave plenty of room for the future.

“Ramsay Street is immortal, and I like to imagine that long after the final scene, it will live on in the hearts and imaginations of the spectators.”

Jason admitted to Digital Spy that he has “always had a vision” of how he would end Neighbours, and he has remained to that vision, despite playing his cards close to his chest.

Everyone is working together behind the scenes to make the conclusion as appropriate as possible, he said, noting the importance of the situation.

“I’m happy to add that nobody has yet predicted what will happen, even though it would be difficult to predict the last scene,”

Who is quitting “Neighbors”?

Some of the soap opera’s performers made exit announcements before to the final episode, including newlyweds Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) and Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson).

According to Digital Spy, Colette Mann, who played Sheila Canning, made the announcement about the performers’ departures during an Isolation Interviews conversation with Hospital Radio Reading.

The article also stated that Ben Hall’s character Ned Willis would be leaving the show since his contract was up.

Before the show’s cancellation was revealed, the three cast exits are claimed to have been planned in advance.

Who is coming back to “Neighbours”?

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, aka Scott and Charlene, will return to Neighbours for the series finale, according to producer Jason Herbison’s earlier this year.

The executive claimed on Twitter in May that a programme finale without the “ultimate Neighbours couple” “wouldn’t feel right.”

It’s been a “emotional experience” for everyone, he wrote, and we’re thrilled that Jason and Kylie have returned home to play a very special part in our series finale.

By posting a mysterious sneak peek of their scripts on their own Instagram profiles, Kylie and Jason also enthralled fans.

Dan MacPherson, meanwhile, revealed Joel Samuels’ return by stating on Instagram: “Joel Samuels is returning for the last episodes of Neighbours. The show had to finish, and I had to say goodbye.

Additionally, Guy Pearce and Ian Smith will both be reprising their roles as Mike Young and Harold Bishop, respectively. The latter actor told Metro that returning to the set felt “comfortable and weird” and like “coming home.”

When will the conclusion air?

On Monday, August 1st, Neighbours is reportedly set to make its final episode debut in Australia and the UK.

Neighbours is ending; why?

The popular soap opera Neighbours was officially ending on March 3, 2022, after almost 40 years on our screens.

On Thursday night, the terrible news was revealed via the official Neighbours Twitter account.

The first tweet in the series stated, “We are so sad to say that Neighbours will cease production in June after almost 37 years and around 9000 episodes broadcast.”

The remainder of the statement went on to justify the firing.

“We simply have no choice but to rest the show following the loss of our important broadcast partner in the UK and despite a thorough hunt for alternative funding,” the statement continued.

The tweet went on to praise the “wonderful” and “faithful” viewers of the programme and promised a spectacular conclusion.

We all on the team agree that this is a tremendous disappointment. We appreciate all of your comments and encouragement, and we pledge to end the programme with a bang. We will now be honouring our neighbours.

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