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Pia Whitesell admits she feels guilty about being ‘happy’ during ‘devastating’ time in the world


Pia Whitesell has revealed that being ‘happy’ makes her feel bad.

After marrying rich husband Patrick Whitesell, the former Home and Away star performed an Instagram Q&A on Wednesday, with one admirer asking if she was pleased in life.

‘I find this difficult to answer,’ the 38-year-old beauty answered. With everything that is going on around us, I believe it is difficult to be “happy” in a cheerful way.

‘Seeing so much wreckage is heartbreaking.’


Pia, on the other hand, remained upbeat, saying she still finds reasons to be grateful in her daily life.

‘However, when I wake up in the morning, my heart is grateful, and my cup overflowing with love, which makes me happy,’ she explained.

Pia’s heartfelt message comes only weeks after she showed off her opulent home gym, which is housed in her Beverly Hills estate.

In February, the former Home and Away star published a photo of her own Pilates studio on Instagram, which included a $5,000 reformer Pilates bed.


‘All the gear,’ she wrote the photo at the time, tagging Pilates instructor Kadee Sweeney in the process.

Pia also shared a snapshot of her little infrared sauna, which she shares with her husband, Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell.

Muscle healing is claimed to be aided by infrared saunas.

Pia is a big fan of Fluidform Pilates and used to frequent the Sydney location before moving to Los Angeles last year.


She earlier stated, ‘I practise Fluidform Pilates and I’m still very active with my boys [Isaiah, 18, and Lennox, 14].’

Pia enjoys swimming and other types of aerobic workouts when she is unable to go to the gym.

Pia is most known for her role on Channel Seven’s Home and Away as Katarina Chapman.

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