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Neighbours spoilers: Aaron dies as David hides guilt?


Aaron (Matt Wilson) is in horrible shape after being beaten into a bloody mess by Gareth, and things are about to get worse in Neighbours as his critical condition rapidly deteriorates. Will he perish?

Aaron is violently battered after attempting to interfere after realising the insane man has taken Freya (Phoebe Roberts) hostage. Gareth, who picks up a tyre iron and goes to town on Aaron’s skull, defeats him.

Meanwhile, David is driving up to the lodge to surprise and seek forgiveness from his husband. While driving, he notices a lifeless person beside the road and pulls over to assist, but his world comes crashing down when he realises it’s Aaron. He cradles Aaron as his life ebbs out, cramming him into the car to get him to the hospital.

While Aaron fights for his life, he has no idea what David has done; when David learns of Gareth’s whereabouts, he exacts his own revenge, killing him.


But, as Aaron’s condition rapidly deteriorates, he may never learn of David’s role in Gareth’s death – or the fact that he secretly kissed Dean.

He’s been rushed into surgery, but the prognosis isn’t good. The family is warned that there’s a good chance he won’t wake up, and David is heartbroken – how can he go on without his husband, especially knowing what he’s done? Could Aaron die without knowing how much David loves him after the recent upheaval?

Images of Gareth and what happened to him haunt David. He’s having trouble coping with his fears that Aaron is becoming too much for him – especially because he and Freya need to be questioned again. He can’t hold anything in any longer, and he’s on the edge of disclosing his dark secrets, including not only what he did to Gareth, but also his illegal kiss with Dean.

Will Aaron be able to discover the truth before he dies?


Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, March 14th.

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