Sunday, July 3, 2022

On Home And Away, love is in the air for Tori and Christian

Tori, as a good-natured physician, always put someone’s desires above her own. Yet this week at Home And Away, she’s basically making a leap of faith into the arms of Christians.
The hospital halls buzzed with gossip about Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) after their first flirtatious encounter.

It’s clear they’ve got chemistry, but Tori just couldn’t seem to find the words around him. One bumbling discussion after the next led her to believe that … before now, she was unlikely to be involved.
After a busy night in which Tane (Ethan Browne) is rushed to the emergency ward with severe head and liver injuries, the pair find themselves at odds as to how to treat him.

Christian instantly wants to work, but Tori thinks it’s only going to do more harm. In a heated debate, Tori fumbles with her words until she realises that she has rank and stands her ground.
Christian is headstrong and confident in his profession, while Tori is secure in his skills, but has a quieter bedside manner! “Penny, 37, tells TV WEEK.” Tori retreats to her office after their argument, but Christian follows her in.

He apologises for offending her and disarms Tori one more time. Tori throws herself at Penny McNamee and Ditch Davey on the set of Home And Away in a moment of steamy lust, to her own surprise and Christian’s. The pair lock lips, but knowing their actions and pulling apart is unprofessional, leaving Tori before anyone notices.
“Tori is a rule-follower and has been all her life,” Penny says of Tori’s casual kiss.
So she has to jump and not think about the repercussions.

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