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Nikau Parata of Home and Away faces life-changing decisions

Home and Away pair Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon are again facing an uncertain future on Australian screens just days after reuniting. Last week, after Colby Thorne ‘s affair with Taylor Rosetta briefly triggered complications between them, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller) got their relationship back on track last week. After Nikau received an unexpected call from his mother Gemma, however, this week’s Australian episodes saw the young couple run into further trouble.

When she travelled to New Zealand to spread the ashes of her late husband, Mikaere, Gemma left Summer Bay in July. Although this was represented on television as a temporary journey, show bosses announced the departure of actress Bree Peters from the show.
When she called Nikau and confirmed she would not return to Summer Bay, Gemma ‘s fate was finally resolved earlier this week.
In order to be closer to her own mom, who is getting older, Gemma wanted to stay in New Zealand, but asked Nikau if she would come back to live with her.
Nikau ‘s stable life in the Bay was thrown up in the air again by the appeal, as he questioned whether he should stay with his uncles and Bella or go to New Zealand to be with his mom.

He asked Bella’s brother, Colby Thorne, to lift the travel ban on his passport when Nikau considered his choices, just in case he decided to leave.
Though Bella was irritated at the possibility of losing Nikau, she ultimately took a mature approach by deciding to accept whatever decision he made.
In Thursday’s Triple Bill of Episodes, as Marilyn Chambers filled him in at the Diner, Nikau ‘s uncle Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) was upset to hear second-hand about Nikau ‘s dilemma.
As Nikau spent some time away with Bella, Ari was disappointed with Nikau’s chance to leave, but failed to get hold of him to talk about it. Can Nikau really quit when his dilemma comes to a head in the upcoming episodes?

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