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Neighbours teases Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding in 26 new spoiler pictures


This is your complete collection of images for the week beginning Monday, June 6 in Erinsborough.

Tuesday, June 7th:

The wedding day has arrived. Hendrix’s wedding to Mackenzie has brought the Greysons to town.

Mackenzie is on her way. In her gown, she is gorgeous.

Hendrix pauses to take it all in. He couldn’t be more overjoyed to be marrying Mackenzie.


Mackenzie’s father is visiting from out of town. Grant is the one who leads his daughter down the aisle.

Susan is serving as a celebrant. She is ecstatic to be the one to marry Mackenzie and Hendrix.

The ceremony is about to begin. Mackenzie and Hendrix are surrounded by relatives and friends during this lovely event.

Hendrix and Mackenzie exchange vows. Susan proudly observes.


The event is full with laughing and good times. Everyone is in a good mood.

Hendrix and Mackenzie share a kiss. They’ve now been married for a year.

Hendrix and Mackenzie are having a good time. The couple is in ecstasy.

It’s a joyous occasion for everyone in Erinsborough. For the first time in my life, a wedding went off without a hitch.


The festivities are still going on. The couple smiles for the camera.

Mackenzie and Hendrix are the epitome of joy.

The wedding day of Mackenzie and Hendrix. The pair has hurried to the altar, eager to marry as quickly as possible.

Guests of the couple join them for pictures. Alana Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix’s sister, is among those in attendance.

The great day for Hendrix and Mackenzie continues. In the gorgeous surroundings, there are numerous photo chances.

Mackenzie is ecstatic to be getting married on her wedding day of her dreams. The situation has unfolded exactly as she had envisioned.


Pierce and Chloe. At the ceremony, the former couple spends time together.

Mackenzie’s housemates Freya and Kiri are in attendance.

Jane and Nicolette are a couple. The mother-daughter duo expresses their love for the newlyweds.

Karl and Harlow. Harlow’s attention is taken away from her recent ordeal by the joyous day.

Kiri, Freya, Nicolette, Terese, and Jane are the members of the group. Hendrix and Mackenzie are photographed by Jane.

Kiri, Nicolette, and Freya are three friends. Kiri and Nicolette are getting closer as the wedding approaches.

Pierce smiles as he looks on. He couldn’t be more pleased with his son.

Susan and Karl are a couple. Will their own marriage be able to recover from its recent setbacks?

Also in attendance are Sadie, Andrew, and Wendy. Following Sadie’s recent troubles with Hendrix, the Rodwells are delighted to have been invited.

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