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Home and Away Spoilers – Rose pulls Alf Stewart over for speeding!


As Rose struggles to acclimate to small-town police, she’s due to cross paths with one of Summer Bay’s most ruthless citizens next week on Home and Away in the UK…

Rose Delaney, a new recruit for the Yabbie Creek Police Department, will begin her duties this week (Kirsty Marillier).

Rose was happily working as a cop in the inner city only a few months ago, so it’s safe to say she never expected her life to shift so drastically. If her father Alexander’s untimely death wasn’t bad enough, she and her half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os) only found out about his other daughter, Jasmine, at that point (Sam Frost).

Although there was little indication at first that the three would play happy families, with Jasmine initially refusing to interact with her newfound siblings, she ultimately warmed up to the idea of having some family around.


Even yet, relations between Jasmine and Rose have remained tense at times, so when Xander considered finding a local job and relocating to Summer Bay permanently, he was horrified to learn that Rose had already done so by filing for a transfer to Yabbie Creek!

Park owner Alf (Ray Meagher) is startled to see Rose emerge in her police uniform as Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) picks her up from her caravan for her first shift.

He shouts, “Strewth, I had no idea you were a copper!” “Now that you know, you’d better stick to the path of least resistance!” She responds with a witty retort.

Rose is less than impressed when she learns that she and Cash will be working on paperwork that morning, as the transition from the city to the sleepy area around Yabbie Creek and Summer Bay is going to be a culture shock.


When Rose gets a call from one of the bay’s senior residents, there’s some excitement, but when Cash correctly predicts that it’s about a disturbance in the shed, he points out that Mrs Patrick is just a lonely old lady who enjoys a little company now and then.

Despite this, they go over to ‘investigate,’ with Cash stopping by the diner to get some of Mrs Patrick’s favourite cake.

Rose is relieved the next day when she and Cash finally get out of the station to go on speed patrol after zero action the night before.

It’s another slow start, but when Rose spots a car speeding, she finally has the chance to slap a ticket on a Summer Bay infraction.


Oh, no… It’s Alf

In the meantime, Xander hasn’t had much luck, having been turned down for a position as a paramedic at Yabbie Creek’s ambulance station.

Jasmine speaks with Logan (Harley Bonner), who enlists the help of some of his old coworkers at the Reefton Lakes station. Even though no opportunities are now available, he makes sure to put in a good word for him.

Regardless, Jasmine and Xander decide to visit Reefton Lakes, but are stopped in their tracks when they stumble across a car accident.

As the siblings get to work, Xander goes to check on Millie (Zara Zoe), the driver of one of the cars, while Jasmine is taken aback to learn that the other driver is Logan!

Zara Zoe makes her first appearance as Millie Hudson in this episode. Zara already has a strong connection to Summer Bay, as her brother, Nicholas Cartwright (Cash), is a Summer Bay native!


“I’ve never had more fun on set,” Nick stated on Instagram after the programme aired in Australia. Between takes, it was nearly impossible not to look across at her and giggle heartily.

“Working with family in such a strange world is such a lovely experience.” @nottherealzarazoe, welcome to the team! Keep an eye on us to see what we’re up to.”

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