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Neighbours star Takaya Honda teases life-changing storyline for David Tanaka


Takaya Honda, who plays David Tanaka on Neighbours, has revealed that the River Bend episodes will affect his life forever.

David has been missing from the holiday retreat thus far, but in Friday’s episode on Channel 5, he is dragged into the action in unexpected circumstances.

Levi Canning, Freya Wozniak, Aaron Brennan, Glen Donnelly, Nicolette Stone, Harlow Robinson, and Ned Willis have all visited River Bend to unwind.

In the following scenes, David sets out to join them, only to find that all hell has broken loose due to the unexpected appearance of mystery man Gareth Bateman.


After being beaten up by Gareth, David discovers his husband Aaron unconscious and bleeding. Gareth had screamed at Aaron earlier for attempting to protect Freya.

“David’s reaction to seeing Aaron unconscious and bleeding on the side of the road is one of absolute panic,” Takaya told Digital Spy exclusively.

“David is also disturbed by the possibility that the last moments he will have with Aaron would be tense, angry, and frustrating. Those aren’t the kinds of moments that should characterise their partnership, which is supposed to be about love and happiness.

“David finds Aaron, and David’s life is about to change dramatically from that moment forward.”


“I’m not sure what that is! But, from the standpoint of ‘who is David,’ issues will arise. I’m looking forward to the audience discovering it with David and going on that journey with him.”

When asked if he was looking forward to becoming a part of the dramatic situations, Takaya said: “Without a doubt. You want to be a part of every important week on the show. I didn’t get to do anything for Fire Island a few years ago, except treat a few folks when they returned. I felt as if I had been left out!

“David seemed to need to get off Ramsay Street and into the woods. Even though David is having a difficult time during that week and beyond, I was thrilled to do so.

“The question of “Who is David?” will be at the forefront of the audience’s minds throughout the performance. There will be decisions made that cannot be reversed and that will ultimately define David’s future.”


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