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Neighbours star lashes out at show bosses after finale ‘snub’ as last ever episode airs


After being “snubbed” from the finale, a NEIGHBORS star reacted angrily to the producers of the show.

The Australian soap’s final ever episode aired in Australia on Thursday and will be broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK tonight.

After 37 seasons, Neighbours is coming to an end, and the series finale saw the return to Ramsay Street of well-known characters like Scott and Charlene, Harold Bishop, and Mike Young.

Margot Robbie, Delta Goodrum, Natalie Imbruglia, and Holly Valance, among other well-known people who had appeared on the show, also made appearances as guests.


Craig McLachlan, who portrayed Henry Ramsay on television for two years in the late 1980s, was not present, and the actor expressed his disappointment on social media.

The actor, 56, was seen in a video sitting in front of a piano and saying: “Hello, everybody. National bib and brace overalls day is being proclaimed in Henry Ramsay’s honour and, of course, to honour the Australian blockbuster serial opera Neighbours.

“Do you know that in 1986, I received a call asking me to join the programme. A life-altering call that was exciting.

“A call for which I will be ever grateful. Lovely folks, good memories.”


He said after pretending to hear a communication on an earpiece: “I am aware that you are pressed for time. We have a special guest joining us through video link. Let me simply check to see whether they are.”

The scene changed to show Craig outside in the garden while portraying Henry in character, complete with wig and overalls.

He noted out: “Dear Craig: Hello, listen up. I appreciate you letting me take part in your unique Neighbours celebration. I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

“Hey, the mullet is back! I used to get a lot of criticism for this hair. Both Henry Ramsay and the mullet are here to stay.”


“Once more, many thanks. I must complete this. I adore you two.”

Following revelations that the actor felt shunned as a result of sexual assault allegations against him that were later dropped, Craig released a video.

Henry’s dead mother is being revived for the final episode, but cancel culture won’t allow her son Henry to appear or even be acknowledged, according to a spokesman for the actor.

What Craig and his girlfriend have gone through over the past four and a half years is horrific. When they finally emerge, they are met with, among other things, an attempt to permanently erase their contribution to Neighbours history.

“Craig was not requested to participate in the final episode or, in fact, to make any contributions to Neighbours’ conclusion.

“Craig has always loved Henry, and he still does. Henry is a beloved character in Neighbours.


“Over the years, Craig willingly and enthusiastically participated in a number of Neighbours milestone celebrations and was always honoured to be asked.

The father of one, whose partner is opera conductor Vanessa Scammell, was exonerated of seven accusations of assault and indecent assault on four women in Australia in 2020. The charges were from 2014, when he was a member of the Australian production of The Rocky Horror Show.

He dropped a lawsuit against many media outlets that had covered the initial allegations as well as one of the original complainants two months ago.

Neighbours’ final episode will air tonight at 9 p.m. on Channel 5.

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