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Neighbours spoilers: Pictures reveal first look at second last week as Nicolette and Kiri finally get together?


Things are beginning to heat up for Nicolette Stone (Charlie Chimes) and Kiri Durant as Neighbours’ unfortunate conclusion draws near (Gemma Bird Mattheson).

As fans are aware, the former couple first connected when Nicolette travelled to River Bend with Glen Donnelley (Richard Huggett) and a few other Ramsay Street residents early this year.

She fell in love with Kiri, a River Bend employee, and after their vacation went horribly wrong, Kiri showed up in Ramsay Street, where she quickly won the hearts of the show’s viewers.

However, her relationship with Nicolette quickly ended, and while Nicolette hoped for a reconciliation, Kiri was prepared to move on.


However, the chemistry persisted, and as a result of Nicolette’s incredible support for Kiri through this trying period, feelings have begun to rekindle.

The next week, in the second-to-last episode of Neighbours to air, Kiri makes the decision that it’s now or never and plans a vacation to River Bend with Nicolette to see whether their chances of finding love are still good.

Are Nicolette’s fears preventing her from ruining any possibility of a future with Kiri? Or will it lead to passion?

The images from the Channel 5 soap opera that airs on Tuesday, July 19, show that things run rather well. But is everything really what it seems?


Kiri and Nicolette come back from their trip to River Bend.

The future for the two parties is bright.

Has their relationship been officially acknowledged?

Is this the start of something extraordinary?


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