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Neighbours Spoilers – Harlow Robinson says goodbye


Harlow Robinson departs Erinsborough for a fresh start in the UK next week on Neighbours in the UK, following a heart-to-heart with Mackenzie.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, June 20th, and in Australia on Tuesday, July 5th.

Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) is about to leave Erinsborough just a week after her ex-boyfriend Hendrix (Ben Turland) died.

Harlow’s departure comes not only soon after Hendrix’s death, but also shortly after the conclusion of her problems with The Restoration Order, which had spent the past few months attempting to recruit her to their hidden organisation.


Harlow was ignorant of Corey Smythe-Jones’ (Laurence Boxhall) connection to The Order, the cult that her mother Prue (Denise van Outen) was a member of, until she met him in the UK. Despite warning indicators, Harlow drew closer to Corey, who was attempting to recruit her into the cult on Christabel Bancroft’s (Syd Zygier’s) directions.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts), Levi (Richie Morris), and David (Takaya Honda) rescued her from Corey and Christabel’s clutches, but while Christabel was apprehended, Corey has spent the previous few weeks on the run.

After a valiant effort from Zara, Corey is apprehended by the police and brought into detention the next week (Freya Van Dyke). He refuses to communicate with anyone until he can speak with Harlow, and when she eventually agrees, he confesses the truth about his months of grooming.

Harlow regains her strength after finally getting answers, and now that the cult is behind her, she can’t stop thinking about her aunt Harriet’s (Amanda Holden) recent offer to come to the UK and live with her.


Harlow is in a rut. On the one side, she wants to visit her aunt in the UK, but she also doesn’t want to abandon her closest friend Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), who has recently lost her husband.

Harlow joins Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) to sprinkle Hendrix’s ashes and bid a fond farewell to a long-time friend. After that, she musters the courage to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Mackenzie.

Harlow is pleasantly delighted when Mackenzie advises her to pursue her aspirations when she tells her about the opportunity. Mackenzie knows she’d feel terrible if her friend stayed solely because of her.

Harlow tells her loved ones about her plans and bids Erinsborough farewell with Mack’s approval.


Harlow initially saw her grandfather Paul (Stefan Dennis) and uncle David (Takaya Honda) on a visit to her father Robert (Adam Hunter) in prison in July 2019.

Soon after, it was revealed that Robert and Prue had a seventeen-year-old affair that resulted in Harlow. Harlow had written to Robert in prison and had moved to Australia to meet him, despite the fact that she had never met him.

Harlow was promptly taken under Paul’s wing and moved in with him and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), but it didn’t take long for her to clash with Roxy (Zima Anderson), Terese’s wild-child niece who had only recently moved in.

Harlow’s grandmother Gail intervened in their feud, which resulted in a spectacular food battle (Fiona Corke). The two eventually moved on and were excellent friends.

Harlow also created a foe in Jimi Hendrix, with whom she later fell in love.

The duo developed crushes on each other after exchanging insults, but they hesitated to give in to their sentiments. After months of building up, the pair finally gave in to temptation, kissed, and began dating.


Their connection was far from ideal. Hendrix was frequently morally compromised in order to assist his fiancée, such as when he stole exam papers to deliver to a stressed Harlow.

Natasha (Sam Healy), a member of an illicit gambling ring that Hendrix was a part of, kidnapped Harlow in 2021. Despite Hendrix’s protests, Harlow broke her connection with him after this.

Soon after, Harlow and Brent Colefax (Texas Watterston), a rough-and-tumble kid who was living with David and Aaron, formed a bond (Matt Wilson).

The two became increasingly close and eventually began dating. Both Paul and Hendrix disagreed with this decision, and the two teamed up to try to put a wedge between them.

Brent was unfortunately involved in a botched heist and was forced to serve in the Defense Force to atone for his sins.

Paul and Hendrix were overjoyed, thinking that this meant Harlow and Brent’s love was over, but they chose to stay together, although long distance.

To hide the fact, Harlow pretended to date Jesse (Cameron Robbie), but Paul quickly discovered that Harlow and Brent were still together.

Harlow gradually become shorter and more unpleasant to her friends. When Brent returned, he saw that Harlow had changed into someone he didn’t recognise, and the two dissolved their relationship.

Harlow’s descent was accelerated as a result of this. She was elevated to executive liaison at Lassiters, but was swiftly demoted after the workforce went on strike, claiming the decision was motivated by nepotism on Paul’s part. She then utilised information about employees enjoying free drinks to undermine the company, eventually convincing Chloe to hire Mick Allsop (Joel Creasy) to ruin her reputation.

Roxy concerned that Harlow was a psychopath like her father as her bold behaviour continued, but David ultimately realised she was suffering from compassion fatigue.

Her housemate and Terese’s step-son, Ned (Ben Hall), became a close friend. Despite Ned’s relationship with Amy Greenwood, the two spent a lot of time together and built a close bond (Jacinta Stapleton).

The two slept together after a night stranded in the woods. Following that, she travelled to the United Kingdom for a break and to see her aunt Harriet, where she met Corey.

Following her return, Corey planned a projection onto Harlow’s white outfit during Fashion Week, as well as a vandalism attack on Amy’s Drinks Divas truck, revealing Harlow and Ned’s hook up.

Ned headed up to Sydney, bidding farewell to his loved ones, including Harlow, after realising he couldn’t be around her any longer.

It’s time for Harlow’s now, just a few weeks after Ned’s departure. She packs her belongings and bids farewell on Tuesday, June 21st, with Australian audiences viewing the programme on Wednesday, July 6th, a little more than two weeks later.

You will be missed, Harlow Robinson…

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