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Neighbours’ David Tanaka to face difficult questions over Gareth’s death


As questions about Gareth Bateman’s death are asked in next week’s UK scenes, David Tanaka of Neighbours struggles with the pressure.

With Freya Wozniak’s missing ex-boyfriend Gareth showing up with a gun, the River Bend getaway came to an end in dramatic circumstances. Gareth shot Levi Canning, kidnapped Freya, and assumed Aaron Brennan was dead before the mini-bus collapsed, killing him.

Gareth died shortly after David and Freya decided not to cure him.

David, on the other hand, has been plagued with guilt since his return to Erinsborough, and things aren’t getting any easier for him.


After Levi’s life was put in jeopardy by her hunt for Gareth, Kyle Canning makes it known that he disapproves of Freya in upcoming scenes. He isn’t the only one who doesn’t want to see her any longer.

Freya Brennan recently moved into Chloe Brennan’s residence at Number 24, but Chloe is wary of Freya because of what happened to her brother Aaron, who is still healing in the hospital.

Kyle makes an attempt to persuade Chloe to expel Freya.

Meanwhile, Freya prepares David for the coroner’s interrogation, hoping he would believe their narrative.


As David prepares to talk with the coroner once more, his conscience may lead to the truth being revealed.

After reading the coroner’s report, Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma confronts David and Freya. She is dissatisfied with the report’s findings and blames the couple of failing to do more to save Gareth.

Emma expresses her belief that David and Freya are to blame for his death.

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