Sunday, May 28, 2023

Neighbours spoilers: Clive linked to Byron’s s*x work

When Byron (Joe Klocek) first meets his mother’s lover in Neighbours, a surprise is waiting for him. Byron might be the one to reveal some of the deep, dark secrets that Clive (Geoff Paine) is keeping.

When Byron enters a family dinner, he is startled to recognise Clive’s voice. The only way he would recognise his voice is if he has some link to Byron’s sex profession, he realises suddenly as he urgently attempts to piece everything together. What does his mum’s boyfriend’s job have to do with this, then? This makes for a strange family supper.

Inferring that Clive is having an extramarital affair with Jane after realising the connection is his client Danielle (Annie Jones). He is so completely taken aback by the circumstances that he fails to see that his own sister is looking into him. He admits the gravity of their current dilemma once she confronts him about his own dubious behaviour.

Byron is determined to unearth evidence that Clive is cheating on his mother. He joins forces with Nicolette to broaden their scope of inquiry, and the siblings begin to get along. However, they uncover more dirt the further they dig.

On Channel 5, scenes from Monday, July 4, are shown.

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