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Neighbours Pre-Finale Recap: Jane & Clive, Paul Robinson’s NYC Move, Toadie & Mel’s Wedding, Ramsay St For Sale!


The wayward children of Neighbours have come home as a result of the show’s termination. We, the lapsed fans of the Australian soap opera, are also travelling to Ramsay Street to reunite with ex-lovers, burn down Lassiters, or marry Paul Robinson. We’ve returned as well, dipping one final hand in the cookie jar of nostalgia in the hopes of feeling, well, anything.

The only issue is that Neighbours is no longer recognisable. Helen Daniels is no longer around, and Bouncer has long since retired to the vast farm in the sky. This is for you if you lost interest at any point between the third Lucy Robinson and the plane catastrophe that transformed Harold Bishop into the Erinsborough strangler. Here is a helpful overview of the current* themes and characters in Neighbours. Never again ask, “Who is Paige?”

Ramsay Street For Sale

Chloe, who works at Lassiters and identifies as bisexual, is the current owner of No. 24 Ramsay Street, also known as Harold and Madge’s former residence. Her other brother Mark is married to Paige, who resides in Adelaide but has flown back to advance her real estate career by selling one property in Ramsay Street. Chloe recently took a spontaneous trip to Switzerland to confess her love to her ex-squeeze Elly, who was still coming to terms with her sexuality and had pushed Chloe away. Elly put No. 24 on the market because she was hurt and felt she needed a new beginning. Freya, Mackenzie, and Kiri, who were her lodgers, now require housing.

Chloe’s “new start” concept quickly spreads beyond No. 24 on Ramsay Street and becomes a rash. Almost everyone, with the exception of Karl and Susan Kennedy, decides to sell everything and start over. Who will be the new purchasers?


Paul’s Big Step

Owner/bigshot of Lassiters is in need of money. Shane Ramsay, another iconic character from the 1980s who trained to be an Olympic swimmer and recently became wealthy through cryptocurrency, approached Paul Robinson (OG 1980s figure, capitalism on legs, who in real life released this record) about forming a collaboration. Shane decided he didn’t want Paul as a business partner and instead intended to acquire and run the hotel complex by himself, following the advise of Paul’s ex Jane (nearly OG 80s character, of Plain Jane Superbrain renown; more on her later). Paul then made a Zoom call to his grown children who were living abroad in New York (hello cameos!). They advised him to sell everything and move there to be with them. Additionally tempted to sell out, make the leap, and follow him are David and Aaron. Should Paul remain or leave?

Terese and Paul: Unresolved Issues

Priorities first Rebekah Elmaloglou, better known as Sophie from Home & Away 1990–1993, portrays Terese, Paul’s estranged wife. Now that that is known, Terese (a bereaved mother, a sober alcoholic, and wealthy) is currently dating Glen Donnelly, Paul’s half-brother (pictured above, the illegitimate son of Jim Robinson, half-sibling to Paul, Lucy, and Scott Robinson, and until recently, Kiri’s estranged father; more on Kiri later). In a place named River Bend that her parents are selling, Kiri grew up in the bush there. Together with Glen and Kiri, Terese is considering purchasing and developing the property.

Terese and Paul are obviously still dating, though. When Shane informed her that Paul made it a severe requirement that he could never remove the memorial plaque built there to her son Josh, who passed away there, from Lassiters, she was moved. When Shane revealed that Terese had supported the partnership in an effort to aid Paul, he was moved. Will those two insane youngsters be able to reconcile?

Wedding Bells for Toadie and Mel

Remember Melanie Pearson, the virtually iconic 80s character with the statement laugh and quirky fashion sense who dated Henry Ramsay but eventually married and divorced Joe Mangel off-screen? Jared “Toadfish” Rebecchi, her supervisor, proposed to her when she came back (90s character, former ponytailed rascal, now a lawyer and pillar of the community). The wedding is about to happen, but something is up. Amy, a longtime friend of Toadie’s from the 1990s who now owns a drinks van and is attempting to conceive her fourth kid on her own, professed her feelings for him. There’s that to worry about, along with the fact that Amy made Mel’s outfit and catered the wedding. Toadie and Mel intend to downsize after the wedding in order to start again.


Although Toadie reassures Mel that Amy’s affections aren’t shared, who knows? Additionally, it’s possible that Joe Mangel is returning to Erinsborough.

Mal Kennedy is seeing his dad’s ex-girlfriend

If you weren’t alive in 2003 when Izzy Hoyland (a former manager of the Coffee Shop and Scarlet Bar, a former member of the Paul Robinson parish, a con artist, a sober recovering alcoholic, and a good-time girl) was first introduced, you might not be aware that she once duped Karl Kennedy into believing she was pregnant with his child, a pregnancy she subsequently lost, and that she later drugged Karl Kennedy into believing she was Susan, had sex with him, and became (a baby Karl delivered on a ship in the middle of his second wedding to Susan).

Izzy is now back! And she is dating Mal, the son of Karl and Susan (90s character, former handyman, brother to Billy and Libby). Shane Ramsay, who has recently become wealthy, turns Izzy’s attention, but is Mal truly the focus of her attention? Susan is furious about Izzy’s plans, no matter what they are, especially when Izzy makes plans to buy No. 24 and move in with Mal two doors away from his parents and her ex-lover. Mal is given an option: Izzy or Susan.

Plain Superwoman Jane Clive (and Mike)

How many of you can name Jane Harris, the bookish figure from the 1980s who dated Mike? She has two adult children with her ex-husband Victor: Nicolette (dating Kiri, the surrogate mother of David and Aaron’s daughter), who is dating Byron, a trained lawyer turned gigolo, and Byron, who was the acting principle at Erinsborough High. She is also back. When she was younger, Jane dated Mike and then Mike’s foster father Des, whom she temporarily married after joining the serial opera again in 2015. She also had a thing with Paul Robinson (who hasn’t? ), and she was lately involved with Clive Gibbons, a character from the 1980s who was a former doctor and Gorillagram and is now the hospital’s boss. She accused him of cheating on her with one of his previous patients or squeezes. Although Clive wasn’t, he was tempted, and his ex-girlfriend Sheila is still after him. With Des Clarke and another individual (Mike. What effect will Mike’s return for the conclusion have on Jane and Clive’s chances?


Last but not least, the history book

The writers of Neighbours had a really great concept with this. Harold Bishop laboriously compiled a book titled “History of Ramsay Street” years ago, but it was tragically destroyed. The book is currently being reassembled by nurse Freya, her boyfriend Levi, and friend Mackenzie (played by Georgie Stone, the show’s first transgender character). They’ve created a Facebook page called “Rachel Kinski,” which is getting comments from previous characters. Stephen Stark Richard Alessi Bryanna Davies Freya sneers, “It’s remarkable how many of them migrated to Queensland. Messages also pour in from people Harold doesn’t even remember, such Eddie Buckingham, Annalise Hartman, and Lisa Elliot. Being invited to write the opening chapter of the book, which he insists will be about his lifelong love, makes Harold very happy. Madge must be the beginning and end of everything. Absolutely correct.

The Neighbours season finale will be broadcast on Channel 5 and My5 in the UK on Friday, July 29. In Australia, it will be broadcast on 10 and 10 Peach on Thursday, July 28.

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