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Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak slips up in aftermath of death decision


Neighbours’ In a tense encounter with Gareth Bateman’s heartbroken girlfriend Emma McIver, Freya Wozniak has risked being caught off guard.

Freya and David Tanaka, a colleague at Erinsborough Hospital, are currently attempting to conceal the truth regarding Gareth’s recent death at River Bend.

Freya and David chose not to treat Gareth at the scene after his crime spree when he was badly injured in a mini-bus crash.

Gareth had killed Levi Canning, kidnapped Freya, and assaulted David’s husband Aaron. Gareth died a short time after Freya and David made their decision.


Freya and David got some good news concerning the coroner’s report into Gareth’s death in Thursday’s show on Channel 5.

The coroner determined that Gareth couldn’t have been rescued after investigating Freya and David’s false account of events, and the matter was closed.

Freya’s hopes of moving on from the traumatic experience were dashed when Gareth’s girlfriend Emma showed up on her doorstep.

Emma suspected something was wrong with Gareth’s death after reading the coroner’s report.


“You know how it happened since you were there with a doctor,” Emma said Freya. Despite the presence of a nurse and a doctor on the site, he perished.

“You let him to die.” You and your medical colleague. Individuals will find out about this – and you know the types of people I’m referring to.”

Freya was enraged when Emma tried to harass David outside Harold’s Café shortly after.

“Gareth was a scumbag,” Freya said, taking Emma to one side and losing her cool. We actually did you a favour.”


Emma sensed that Freya had given the game away and pressed for further information, but all Freya would say was that Emma would be better off without Gareth.

Freya later went home and looked up medical books about guilt and trauma on the internet. When Levi arrived, she grew sidetracked and went out with him, leaving the open laptop behind.

Number 24 was later broken into and trashed in a terrible occurrence. The only thing taken was Freya’s laptop.

Is there a new foe for Freya and David to deal with?

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