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Neighbours’ David Tanaka wrestles with guilt after Kyle Canning cliffhanger


After a terrifying incident involving Kyle Canning, David Tanaka of Neighbours is feeling more guilty than ever.

After allowing violent villain Gareth Bateman to die in a mini-bus crash near River Bend, David has spent the previous few weeks wrestling with his guilt.

Kyle began to suspect David and his Erinsborough Hospital colleague Freya Wozniak were both hiding something this week, as the storyline took another unexpected turn.

Kyle confronted David while eating lunch at Lassiters Lake, but the tense moment was cut short when Kyle choked on an olive and needed assistance.


In Thursday’s Channel 5 show, David stayed motionless as he saw Kyle choke.

Kyle anxiously tried to tell David that he needed help, but the doctor remained stunned and did nothing.

When Freya came along, it was up to her to assist Kyle and make sure he was okay.

Kyle afterwards told his cousin Levi about David’s weird behaviour earlier in the episode.


Kyle reflected on his agonising wait for assistance, saying: “Freya was absent from the beginning. I’m getting blue, and David is doing nothing.”

Soon after, David arrived and attempted to apologies to Kyle, who was perplexed.

He confessed: “There has been a lot of activity. That’s not to say it’s an excuse. Sorry for the inconvenience. I should have assisted you, and I’ll never forgive myself for it, but I hope you can one day.”

Takaya Honda, who plays David, had previously stated that the Gareth twist will have a significant impact on his character.


“It’s a tumultuous moment for David during that [River Bend] week and afterwards,” he previously told Digital Spy.

“The question of ‘Who is David?’ will be front and centre in the thoughts of the viewers.”

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