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Neighbours finale plot LEAKED!


Neighbours is scheduled to finish on July 28 with a 90-minute conclusion after almost four decades on our screens.

Fans have been speculating nonstop about the soap opera’s final episode ever since the sad news was revealed back in March. major demise? Explosions? the entire list?

It appears that one longtime Ramsay Street inhabitant will finally find their happily ever after (for the fourth time), and that person is none other than Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi, according to some inside sources.

We’re crossing our fingers that this marriage goes smoothly because Toadie previously lost his first three wives in various heartbreaking situations.


Many former cast members will be returning to the programme for one more time, including Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, aka Australia’s favourite couple, Scott and Charlene, according to insiders. The main plot revolves around Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie Pearson’s (Lucinda Cowen) wedding.

Executive producer Jason Herbison stated on Twitter in May that it “wouldn’t feel right” to end the programme without the “ultimate Neighbours pair.”

It’s been a “emotional experience” for everyone, he said, and we’re pleased that Jason and Kylie have returned home to play a very special part in our season finale.

Mike Young (Guy Pearce) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) will be among the other guests returning for the wedding of the year, which of course brings up old sentiments between the former lovers, whose storybook romance ended in tears after Mike went off to study.


“There will always be a hole in her heart for Mike,” Annie Jones stated ahead of the finale, implying that fans could see a reconciliation of some type.

Several other well-known actors will also be making a comeback on Ramsay Street, including Natalie Bassingthwaighte, who will reprise her role as Izzy Hoyland, Peter O’Brien as Shane Ramsay, Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Olympia Valance as Paige Smith, Jodi Gordon as Martha Mackenzie, and others.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Dr. Karl Kennedy and his ex-girlfriend Izzy (Bassingthwaighte) will have a heated argument. Alan Fletcher told This Morning in April that “someone from Karl’s dirty past is definitely coming back.”

Meanwhile, Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) are said to be getting back together, which puts Paul in a difficult situation because he may have to sell his hotel to Shane Ramsay.


We’ve been teased that they’ll be “thrown into each other’s orbits again” as they prepare to leave Ramsay Street.

As also, “an old buddy returns to wish Toadie luck for the wedding,” so the saying goes.

Take tissues and popcorn with you as Neighbours’ tearjerking finale week begins on Monday, July 25. The guest stars will return for the final four evenings, with the finale airing on Thursday, July 28.

Between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m., episodes 8901, 8902, and 8903 of Neighbours will air on Station 10 as well as Neighbours’ regular channel, 10 Peach.

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