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Neighbours fans are furious after watching heavily edited finale


After detecting several missing sequences, viewers of the Neighbours season finale became frustrated.

The storied Australian serial officially ended after 37 years in a moving 90-minute episode.

Many previous Ramsay Street residents returned in the finale, which was watched by devoted fans from all around the world, although it appears that not everyone saw the same episode.

After seeing minute changes between the episode aired in Australia and the UK, UK fans were left perplexed.


Stephanie McIntosh’s character Sky Mangel was removed from the video montage in the UK version.

Many people were perplexed as to why the single footage was absent from the video montage; one fan even questioned what Sky Mangel had ever done to Channel Five.

Fans quickly noticed another sequence was missing after the Australian and UK versions became available to stream online.

Toadie, you’re like a son to us,” Karl tells Toadie in the Australian episode. Well, isn’t it ridiculous? Toad, you are our son. Those across the ditch saw nothing of the scene.


In both the Australian and American versions of the episode, Natalie Imbruglia’s character Beth Brannan only mentioned her son in the video message she recorded. Astute viewers also spotted this difference.

Both versions have distinct final drone shots. The Australian cut features the full cast and crew, while the UK edit solely features the cast.

Each version’s soundtrack was distinct as well; the UK episode featured tunes by Harry Styles and George Ezra.

The adjustments were not well received by UK viewers, who expressed a wish to see the original, unedited episode that Australians were able to see.


I don’t really get why they couldn’t just add another 5 minutes to the running length so that there weren’t any cuts, one fan wrote on Twitter. I am aware that these are only minor edits, but there were some great moments and lines that were waiting to be seen.

Another fan of the show commented, “Would love to hear @channel5 tv editorial reasons for the scenes cut in neighbours (one less h&a trailing could have provided the extra time if needed), why they felt the need to insert a random George Ezra song, and why they gave a different final shot than Australia.”

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